Digital Cameras see decline as 5 year old Cameras are good as Gold

The decline of the photography industry and the camera market has been very bad. In 2016, it got worse, with camera shipments dropping 35% for the year.

Take a look at this infographic and see for yourself!

No smartphone camera are not the culprit; even the Samsung Galaxy S6 needs a lens attachment to even begin to  match a low-end 16 Megapixel Digital Camera as noted in How to take High Quality Photographs with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Rather the quality of digital cameras has gotten so good that most photographers have stopped buying new Digital Cameras. Older cameras are so good, you can sell them and upgrade to another older camera which may have features you doesn’t, such as Wi-Fi and improved image stabilization tech.

From a strictly image quality standpoint, there is simply nothing compellingly new in cameras to justify buying a brand new camera yet. The days of huge profits is over.

Combined with improved image processing software, what is old is new again. Digital cameras need a new killer feature to capture the youth market, or they too like the PC Industry may soon be ripe for takeovers by smartphone and Silicon Valley companies.

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