Digicel’s Internet Bundle leaves a lot to be desired

Many would exclaim hallilujah(Allah hu Akbar for all my muslim friends) at the announcement of an internet bundle by Digicel. Afterall it would seem almost divine that digicel would finally fold in under pressure and relieve blackberries of the role of being the sole beneficiaries of an internet plan on their network in Jamaica. However as soon as you get into the details of the plan you would realise that something is very very wrong, the plans are limited to 60 and 160mb bundles. Still though you might start thinking that perhaps its for only a day or so and that it will cost just about a few hundred dollars for each, then the final announcement struck- the plans last for a month and cost from 825 dollars for the 60mb plan and 2000 dollars for the 160mb plan.

Try again Digicel

These set of plans are not only ridiculous but are downright theivery, when digicel can afford to give UNLIMITED internet access to blackberries for only 2000 dollars a month and 650 dollars a week, and when their only competitor LIME can offer unlimited internet for only 100 dollars a day, digicel’s plan seem to be that of a company slowly losing its grasp on reality.

The whole concept should be to provide cheaper data to consumers, however these internet bundles don’t make much sense. The customer service rep tried to drill into my head that instead of getting a mb of data under normal circumstances for 40 dollars per megabyte I am now getting it at the low price of 10 dollars per megabyte… An attempt to somewhat justify what seems to be a mobile internet genocide against the Jamaican non blackberry owing populace. Its almost as if the japanese approached the chinese one day and explained to them that they murdered and raped 20 million of their people because they knew they would eventually come and copy other people’s products.

Digicel has lost contact with the Jamaican people and instead seems to be slowly morphing into the Cable and Wireless of the 21st century, that’s the only explanation for something as absurb as a 160mb internet plan in our day and age for 2000 dollars. Try browsing opera mini with the lowest image setting with that and you won’t reach more than 2 weeks, that shows just how useless it really is considering that opera mini generally load pages for 5kb upwards.

Closing notes

This is more of an internet bluff than an internet bundle, it makes no sense not even for the lowest feature phones of today, digicel needs to come with something more well thought out and not something that resembles an april fools joke.

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Horace is a military and tech enthusiast who spends most of his spare time listening to music or working on his many interests. He has a grasp of journalism and has been writing from he was 9 years old and has participated in several writing competitions throughout Jamaica.