How to get Digicel’s Free Data Nights and win a Samsung J5 Prime

“We’ve been listening to customers and have been busy making the changes that they have told us they want. We want to continually give them reasons to believe in us. We started with the free gift of 100 MBs and 60 minutes for all prepaid customers, and now we’re taking it to the max……From January 2018, Data Nights will become a permanent fixture of the line-up with a super amazing price per night for that lovely one GB of 4G/LTE data”

CEO of Digicel Jamaica, Justin Morin, commenting on Destination Data Plan and Free Data Nights

Digicel has does it yet again; innovating in a way many had suspected was possible but their competitor had not hinted was possible.

I’m of course referring to Digicel’s new data package called Destination Data, which was launched on Television Jamaica Morning Program Smile Jamaica as shown on their Digicel Twitter page:

#DataNightAndChill is the hashtag for this offer mentioned on their Digicel Twitter page . Destination Data is based on customer feedback requesting simpler offering and more freeness like FLOW Jamaica. This is truly something to smile about!!!

So is there more to this offer?

Destination Data and Free Data Nights – January 2018 will be the Year of Data

Digicel had unveiled an introductory offer of Free Data Nights between December 20 and 30 as mentioned in Free Gift offer on December 20th 2017 in the blog article Digicel gives all Prepaid Customers in Jamaica a Christmas Gift.

They had gifted all Prepaid customers 1 GB of data for free to use between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am daily. All you have to do is register via the My Digicel app and you are good to go!!! #DataNightAndChill.

Now, they’ve expanded on that concept with Data Nights which will continue on from January 2018. Additionally, you now have the chance of winning a Samsung J5 Prime as well.

Justin Morin, CEO of Digicel Jamaica said that this puts the customer in control Free Data Nights is the new freeness for the night owl people, quote: “By simplifying the way we offer and charge for data services and surprising our customers with cool offers, we’re putting customers in control of their communications experience and positioning ourselves as the ‘go-to’ place for data. Thanks to our Destination Data drive, now every day is data day at Digicel, and with Free Data Nights, customers simply need to get the app and get the GB to enter data heaven.”

Really and truly, sleep is for the weak.

Digicel and out-of-plan data rates – FLOW Lyf Data Plans may soon follow suit

Digicel also reduced the per MB out-of-bundle price from $50 to $20, making them the lowest rate in the market by far….and reducing the amount of money Digicel takes from you once you exceed your Data plan.

FLOW Jamaica now need to come with a similar upgrade to their FLOW Lyf Data Plans to win us over once more as pointed out in the article FLOW Lyf Data Plans wins over Whatsapp, Deezer and FLOW Sports Fans.

I agree with this innovative new idea. Apparently Digicel is taking advantage of falling data rates and is passing the savings on to their customers to boost Night time usage of their Data Network. Well played, Digicel, as they are the Bigger, Better Network!!















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