Digicel’s Impersonal Customer Care

A few months back I noticed a big change in the Customer Care service provided to you when you call 120 from a Digicel phone. There is currently no easy way to get access to a customer care representative and instead you have to navigate through a maze of menus just to find what you want. at this time the vast menus, which can take upwards of 5 to 6 minutes to navigate hinders the users ability to get any issues they are having resolved and I guess that many have given up frustrated and exasperated beyond endurance. The difficulty in reaching a human operator has reduced the sort of personal feel that many of us have grown accustomed to with Digicel over the years and serve to cement those who believe the company, now large, is rapidly becoming disconnected from the people who had put it where it is today.

digicel logo

Whatever the reasons are for the change in the menu structure, Digicel should note that the ability for the customer to have their issues resolved is as important as the customer paying for a service and they should put maximum priority on it. Digicel should review the change, consult their customers via any means and find a proper solution that everyone can be happy with.

A recent letter to the Editor published in the Jamaica Gleaner has s eloquently expressed how many Digicel customers feel about its deteriorating customer service.

Digicel Must Improve Shoddy Customer Service –  Jamaica Gleaner

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