Digicel Play Deal with Euronews and TRACE an Electic News Entertainment Mix

“Our customers deserve the best of the best in terms of compelling content and Euronews fits that bill perfectly offering a unique perspective on world events through factual analysis. We are delighted to be welcoming Euronews to the Digicel Play family.”

CEO of Digicel Play for the Caribbean and Central America, John Suranyi on the recent deal signed with Euronews

Digicel Play has now added more content to their services in the month of January 2016. The 722,000 households in the Caribbean region that have switched to Digicel Play should be pleased with these developments.

Firstly, they’ve announced a deal with Euronews deal on Wednesday January 20th 2015, will be made available to Digicel Play customers in the Caribbean, particularly Digicel Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago customers, who apparently like news….from Europe.

Digicel Play Deal with Euronews and TRACE an Eclectic News Entertainment Mix

A day later on Thursday January 21st 2015, Digicel signed up with Urban entertainment and global media group, TRACE for their music and entertainment content.

Euronews balances out the sports programming being offered by Sportsmax, now demerged from Digicel.

Digicel and TRACE – Caribbean Celebrities and Music cocktail with a side of Euronews

Digicel Play is hoping that the Diaspora will like to know what’s hot in Europe as well as what’s great in the Urban Music scene all while keeping up with the lives of the Sports Celebrities.

So says Worldwide Distribution Director of Euronews, Arnaud Verlhac: “We are delighted to see Euronews associated with such a recognised brand in the Caribbean. By choosing Euronews, one of the key international news channel, for its channel lineup, Digicel Play is giving a firm thumbs up to the news content we are delivering and our ability to best serve the needs of the various cultural communities living in or visiting the Caribbean”

As for TRACE, if you’ve never heard of TRACE, you’re not alone; they’re really popular in PNG (Papua New Guinea) in the Pacific Islands on the other side of the world. Far from being otherworldly, TRACE offers two (2) channels sure to be a hit with Caribbean Nationals:

  • TRACE Urban, the first international urban music channel
  • TRACE Sport Stars, the world’s premier sport celebrity channel

Digicel Play’s eclectic mixture of content is definately making them stand out from FLOW Jamaica, if the offer of Fiber Optic wasn’t game changing enough as noted in How Digicel Play will spread the Gospel of Fiber Optic this Christmas.

With these additions, you’ll have no excuse for missing news events shaping Europe or keeping up with the Caribbean sports celebrities and their antics. That is, if you can pry the remote out of your kids’ hands as they watch themselves on Kidoodle.TV as noted in How Kidoodle.TV makes Digicel Play the Talk on Children’s Playgrounds.

It’ll be interesting to see how the FLOW Cable service upgrade as promised in Kelroy’s article Flow to upgrade Fiber Internet Service + islandwide 4G and LTE coming soon will adopt to match the content diversity of Digicel Play!

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