How to Activate a Digicel LTE Smart Plan on your Smartphone

On Friday June 10th 2016 Digicel launched their 4G LTE Network as detailed in Kelroy’s article Digicel switches on 4G LTE Network in Jamaica.

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Even Minister of Science, Technology and Energy Dr. Andrew Wheatley was on hand to commission a 4G LTE Node B into service.


After two (2) years of planning and upgrades costing some US$50 million ($6 billion), Digicel has launched their 60MBps LTE Network as shown below:

Here’s a quick explainer Video from Digicel’s YouTube Channel explaining how Digicel LTE works.

Dial *147# or Text 107 to 137 for details on Digicel LTE Data Plans as shown below on their Digicel Twitter Page.

Digicel’s current LTE plans are as follow:

  • 30 Day 6GB LTE Smart Plan – $4500
  • 14 Day 3GB LTE Smart Plan – $2500
  • 7 Day 1GB LTE Smart Plan – $900

Alas, there are no 30 Day LTE Smart Plan, limited or unlimited, leaving a perfect opening for Caricel to attack Digicel LTE come August 2016 as predicted in How Chinese White Space Network possible in Jamaica by Independence Day.

So how do you activate a Digicel LTE “Smart Plan”?

How to Activate a Digicel LTE “Smart Plan” – Digicel’s LTE Test Platform required

To activate a Digicel LTE “Smart Plan” the procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to a Digicel Store
  2. Do the compatibility test using Digicel’s LTE Test Platform
  3. Change your old Digicel SIM (Subscriber Identification module) if not compatible
  4. Change your smartphone if not compatible
  5. Install the New Digicel LTE compatible USIM costing JA$650
  6. After acquiring and installing Digicel LTE compatible USIM dial *147#
  7. Follow onscreen instructions to activate a LTE Smart Plan

However, are you a DIY (Do it Yourself) kinda person? Then the next set of instructions are for you.

Digicel LTE Checklist – Smartphone and SIMe must be compatible

Good to note that BOTH the SIM and the smartphone have to be compatible and be able to work on Digicel LTE, which can be determine by dialing *147# as shown below.

Once compatible, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Settings in your smartphone
  2. Select Cellular
  3. Select Enable LTE


Older SIM cards will give you access to older 2G, 3G and 4G Networks; Digicel LTE compatible USIM will give you access to all these legacy Networks including Digicel LTE.

As for compatible smartphones, Digicel LTE works with the following 4G LTE compatible smartphones:

  • Apple iPhone 5s 64GB
  • Apple iPhone 6 64GB
  • Apple iPhone 6+ 128GB
  • Apple iPhone 6+ 16GB
  • Apple iPhone 6+ 64GB
  • Apple iPhone 6s 64GB
  • Apple iPhone 6s+ 64GB
  • BlackBerry Classic Q20
  • BlackBerry Leap
  • BlackBerry Passport
  • BlackBerry Priv
  • BLU Dash L
  • BLU Dash M
  • BLU Life XL
  • BLU Studio C 5+5
  • BLU Studio Energy 2
  • Google Nexus 5x
  • Motorola G 3rd Gen.
  • PLUM Gator Plus 2
  • Plum Might LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 neo
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + 32GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 32GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 64gb
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 32GB

That’s it. Call 100, Dial *147# or Text 107 to 137 for details on Digicel LTE Data Plans!

Here’s the link:

Digicel LTE

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