Digicel Jamaica Wimax Review Part 2

This is the second part of a 2 part review of the recently launched Digicel Jamaica Wimax service. Part one of there review can be viewed by clicking here. Part one explained Wimax technology as well as giving an overview of the two types of modems that customers of the Digicel Wimax service will use to access the network including installation. In part two I will be covering the following areas:

  1. Subscribing and Account Management
  2. Speed and General Performance
  3. Pricing and Conclusion

Subscribing and Account Management

To start using the service you will need a modem which can be bought at select Digicel outlets as of this writing. Get the CPE modem if your are someone looking for a more fixed solution with the ability to connect multiple laptops and PCs to one connection, get the USB modem if you desire mobility and the ease of setting up. One thing to note however is that if you are living in far rural areas the CPE should be a clear choice because it has a larger antenna surface area which allows it to work in dead spots like where I am living.

Once you have installed the modem driver(in the case of the USB dongle) or connected the CPE via the LAN/wifi interface, opening the browser sends you to the selfcare login page:

Select register and you will be sent to a page like this:

Select next and you will be sent to another page to enter other parameters as well as select the type of plan you want. As of this writing only prepaid plans for both CPE and modem is available, including 24hrs of free browsing time. After signing up you will be asked to restart the modem(through the web interface), after which you will be ready to browse. Managing your account is easily done by visiting http://selfcare.digicelbroadband.com:

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