Digicel 4G Prepaid Plan prices increase but no Streaming or Mobile Money

“Prepaid customers can get up to 8gb per month for the cost of 4gb with Double Dat. This is a revolutionary step in the provisioning of superfast, affordable and accessible mobile data service that will enable consumers to do more with more”

Head of public relations at Digicel Jamaica, Elon Parkinson commenting on recent changes to Data prices

As Digicel Rising Stars nears its finale with the finalists Elton Earlington and Monifa Goss, Digicel has chosen to spring a surprise in their Data Plans.


They’ve increased some of their 4G Mobile Data plans while some have seen price declines.


Name of Plan Subscription Fee (JMD) Data Bundle Included Free Services Included Days Allotted Interactive Service Menu Activation Method
2 Day Starter Plus $150 250MB Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Wikipedia 2 days *143*55# MyDigicel / *147#
3 Day $200 275MB Wikipedia 3 days *143*53# MyDigicel / *147#
3 Day $350 350MB Wikipedia 3 Days MyDigicel / *147#
7 Day $700 1.5GB Wikipedia 7 days *143*56# MyDigicel / *147#
30 Day Max (3GB) $1,950 3GB Wikipedia 30 days *143*58# MyDigicel / *147#
30 Day Max (4GB) $2,500 4GB Wikipedia 30 days *143*59# MyDigicel / *147#
Pay as You Go $40 (per MB) None Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable


Digicel has scrapped the 80 MB for $80 over three days 4G Data plan. JA$80 is now the cost to carry over unused data to renew all plans.

The three-day data and free social media plan has now moved from J$130 plan to JA$150 for 250Mb. The seven day plan costing JA$600 for 1GB now moves to JA$700 for 1.5GB. The JA$200 plan now gives you 275MB, up from 250MB but oddly, the JA$350 plan was reduced from 500MB to 350MB.

30-day plans has also seen some price movements, with the JA$1,750 2GB and JA$2,250 3GB prices being changed. The 3GB now costs JA$1,950, significant price decrease and 4GB now costs JA$2,500.

Their Digicel LTE Prices, be they prepaid or postpaid as laid out below, however, remains unchanged.

Plan Subscription Fee Data Bundle Free Services Plan Duration Activation Method
2 Day $150 250MB Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia 2 Days MyDigicel App / *147#
3 Day $200 275MB Wikipedia 3 Days MyDigicel App / *147#
7 Day $700 1.5GB Wikipedia 7 Days MyDigicel App / *147#
30 Day $1,950 3GB Wikipedia 30 Days MyDigicel App / *147#
30 Day $2,500 4GB Wikipedia 30 Days MyDigicel App / *147#

Here are the Digicel LTE Postpaid plans by the way!

Name of Plan Subscription Fee Data Bundle Free Services Plan Duration Anywhere Minutes SMS (On-Net) Activation Method
7 Day LTE Smart Plan $900 1GB Wikipedia 7 Days 100 100 MyDigicel App / *147#
14 Day LTE Smart Plan $2,500 3GB Wikipedia 14 Days 200 200 MyDigicel App / *147#
30 Day LTE Smart Plan $4,500 6GB Wikipedia 30 Days 400 400 MyDigicel App / *147#


So many changes have been made, but there is room for improvement.

Digicel Data Plan price changes – Still no App features, Streaming or Mobile Money integration

Good to note that Digicel already offers unlimited data aimed at Facebook users as described in Free Digicel Facebook Flex and Free Basic is unlimited Data for Smartphone users.

Digicel also has a new Double Dat Plan that doubles Voice and Data plans.

It’s applicable to customers that activate a 3 Day 250 Mbs Data Plan or higher and replaces the 11.99 plan.

Also both Digicel and FLOW Jamaica allow you to access GOJ Websites without a data plan or using Credit, potentially heralding the coming of Electronic and Mobile money transactions on these websites as noted in How Jamaicans on FLOW and Digicel access GOJ Websites without a Data Plan.

Still, Digicel Play doesn’t offer Free Wi-Fi hotspots at all Digicel Locations and free access to Digicel Play Modem Wi-Fi once you have the My Digicel or Top up App. Interestingly too, Digicel still offers no remote access for customer Care to remotely access the phone and fix problems on the smartphone, once they’re near to any Digicel Play Modem Wi-Fi or free Wi-Fi.


And yes, no API integration their own mobile Wallet or even for CONEC Mobile or NCB Quisk as explained in NCB launches Mobile Money using cellphones with ATM withdraw coming.

If you remember, Digicel had begun blocking Ads from Google back in October 2015 as noted in Why Digicel blocking Google ads may be the rise of Digicel App World.

Now that it’s almost October 2015, Digicel is yet to announce any partnership with local Developers to fill out their App Store with App, paying via ad partnerships as predicted in Why Digicel More may woo Jamaican Developers with Advertising partnerships.

None of these plans offer Streaming, be it from YouTube, Apps such as SnapChat even from Digicel’s own apps in their Digicel App World Store despite launching the DL810 and DL100 in Jamaica as predicted in AppSeeker Launched on DL810 and DL1000 and MyDigicel on Apple iTunes Store.

In summary, they eliminated their cheaper plans or raised their prices but lowered the cost of their more expensive, larger megabyte plans. This is a follow-on of FLOW Jamaica’s move as noted in FLOW Jamaica new Data Plans as FLOW ID, My FLOW App and Streaming Needed.

But they are still not giving people what they want; improved customer care with remote login option, Developer partnerships, Mobile Money and streaming.

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