Dekal Wireless: Broadband for the Masses

As for other competition in this now fast expanding field of Municipal Wi-Fi, another company, also owned by principal Wayne Chen, has emerged, namely Nubian-1 Tech Services Limited, a re-branding of ANKHS Limited, a Landline Dialup company that started back in 1997 at the height of the Telecommunications Liberalization and the subsequent Telecommunications Act of 2000 drafted into existence by then Senator Phillip Paulwell, then Minister of Energy Mining and Telecommunications. Like Dekal Wireless, Nubian-1, for the more Star Wars oriented, specifically Star Wars –The Phantom Menace, is named after the Ship that Queen Amidala used to escape her home world of Naboo, “Dekal” being of course the name of a type of Droid used in the movie of the same name.

Super Wi-fi

All this recent activity, including Digicel 4G Broadband, is made possibly by the 150GBps pf Fiber Optic interconnectivity and capacity laid by Columbus Communications, parent of FLOW, which has tremendously boosted Jamaica earning potential as it relates to the financial gains that can be realized from e-Commerce activity via the Internet. What the future holds for the expansion of this type of Wireless Broadband is very clear, as the recent provisioning of “White” Space Frequencies in the USA by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski to Small Telecom Operators so as to provision “Super” Wi-Fi services, unfettered by paying spectrum licenses, may soon be a reality in Jamaica by as early as 2011, as soon as the Broadcasting Commission decided to give the go ahead for their ambitious project of achieving Digital Switch Over, essentially a switch from Analog broadcasting to Digital broadcasting using Digital video Broadcasting – Terrestrial for both Terrestrial Free-To-Air Television and Radio stations, requiring persons to receive a set top box so as to reconvert the Digital Signals to Analog signals easily received by their old Analog equipment or encourage people to trade in their old Analog Televisions and Radios for discounted HDTV capable Radios and Television sets.

Lots more to come

When this happens, it is hope, as is the case in the United States of America, that the Government of Jamaica and the Broadcasting Commission can be forward thinking enough to provision the “White” Space Frequencies spectrum license free, thus spurring the growth and expansion of the coverage area of Municipal Wi-Fi to be equivalent to that of 3G and 4G Networks, be they WiMax or LTE, now on the expansionist move in the USA. Truly then, Municipal Wi-Fi, with the prevalence of Wi-Fi is truly Broadband for the Masses.

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