Defying The Apple Gods: Jamaica and The App Store

Remember that promise I made to you about an extensive post on Apple’s App Store and what its like living in Jamaica? Bah, me neither.

Can I benefit from the App Store?

There was an era some time ago where any human being that existed outside of the United States was inadvertently insulted by  Uncle Steve and his army of bandits, that has since changed–of course.

From Argentina right back to countries like Uganda and Senegal, there should be a selection for just about anyone. The tricky part boils down to the signing up part and gaining access to region locked apps.

Signing Up

In my last post, LIME and the iPhone, I spoke about the downfalls of selecting the country you actually live in as it relates to Apple and the App Store, in that, specific applications would no longer be accessible to you for download. For some, this is no big deal, for others (such as myself) it’s a HUGE gripe–like looking at Brazilian models knowing you will never meet them in this lifetime–kind of like that.

As with most–some–things in the world, there is a work-around to this. All you have to do is follow’s guide to work-around greatness and you’ll be in the home stretch:

Step 1: Open iTunes.

If you don’t already have iTunes installed on your computer, I suggest you get that done now. Don’t have a computer? Skip down to the bottom of the article for the answer to your question.

Open iTunes and from the selection of menu options on the left, click “iTunes Store” then click the arrow beside “App Store” (you’ll see the option in the black bar at the top). From the drop down menu, select “Great Free Apps” and choose any free app by clicking on its icon.

Step 2: Download a Free App.

In this case I have selected the App “Flixlab”. Which ever App you select you can download it by clicking “Free App”when the application description/details page pops up. You’ll be prompted to Sign In with your Apple ID, that you don’t yet have but not to worry. (Details pictured below)

Step 3: Signing Up.

Select “Create New Account” and you’ll be greeted with a splash screen telling you about the Apple ID. You don’t care about that; Click “Continue” to move on to the process of signing up. Agree to sell your soul to Apple with a sacrificial goat by selecting the check box and clicking continue on the Terms and Condition page.

Step 4: Personal Information.

Fill out the text fields with the relevant information. Passwords have a set criteria of at least one(1) capital letter and at least one(1) numeral so be sure to make your password memorable while still adhering to the rules.

Step 5: Credit Card information.

If you did not follow Steps one(1) and two(2) I can guarantee you will not be presented with the option of bypassing the Credit Card and Billing Address information. If you did, you can bypass having to forfeit such information by selecting“None”.

You will still be required to enter a valid US address before you can move on to the next step. Google becomes your best friend in this case.

All fields will be required to be filled out before you can proceed.

Step 6: Verify your email address.

A verification email will be sent to the email address you entered at the beginning of the sign-up process, simply click the link  provided in the email to verify the account.

And you’re done!

Just sign in with the credentials you provided during the process of signing up (i.e. email address and password) and you’ll have access to the US Apple App store in all its greatness.

Can I do this from my iPhone/iPod/iPad?

Yes you can.

Just open the App Store App on your device and repeat the steps as you would on a computer. These instructions will be the same regardless.

I have a credit card, can I purchase apps from the App Store via this method?

If you are in the United States, yes. Otherwise, no.

The problem with this method is once you select the option to enter your credit card information and the billing address points to a country outside of the US, iTunes Store will require you to change the store from US to (in this case) Jamaica before you can proceed.

The billing information has to be accurate, meaning, if the billing address you enter does not match that of the one on your credit card, you will not be able to complete the sign up process.

You will still be able to purchase apps but the region locked apps will not be accessible.

Can I have multiple Apple ID’s?

Yes you can, and while you can, I suggest you have both.

Of course, you won’t  be able to use the same email address for obvious reasons, so use another email address to create your “official” Apple ID account.

This account can have all the accurate information, I.E. Billing Address, Street Address, Phone Number, Country etc. so you will be able to make purchases from the App Store. Of course, as I outlined earlier, some apps will not be available for purchase.

If you have any further questions about this, feel free to drop a comment and like a puppet on a string, I’ll be happy to respond.

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  • Nice, easy tutorial Ryan. I would love to see Apple focusing more on satisfying the Latin American and Caribbean market. They seem to underestimate the potential here. That’s one of the reasons blackberry has a strong foothold here.

    • Ha! I got Robyn on this. I must be something good! I agree with you and hopefully in the near future they’ll sort that out

  • Fallout2man

    Unfortunately this does not seem to work for countries other than the USA. The UK for instance has no “None” available for payment method. So it appears that others can access the USA app store but that USA members cannot access any other app stores.

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