Pimping the Nokia N95 into the new Decade

The N95 was arguably the greatest innovation of 2007(clashing with the original iphone in this regard) and the single most advanced smartphone of the time. The N95 was the first symbian smartphone with integrated GPS module, the second with advanced TV out capabilities, the first smartphone with a 5 megapixel camera and VGA video recording, the second smartphone to feature a programmable GPU, and I could go on and on. The original N95 suffered from a lack of sufficient RAM, an extremely buggy initial firmware and slow GPS among others. The RAM problem was fixed with demand paging and in the newer N95 8gb, N95 NAM and N95 8gb NAM models while the GPS antenna location caused poor map performance that continued well into the other year.

Nokia n95 Smartphone

Now 3 years after the release of the original N95 and 2 years after the N95 8gb we are left wondering what to do with the still spectacular N95 hardware. Nokia did announce in an interview that we will be seeing the end of numeric-keypad based smartphones in a few years, going towards touch and touch hybrid QWERTY instead. The N95 8gb/NAM is still the most powerful numeric-keypad smartphone that nokia have ever built, combining the powers of a modest processor with a spectacular GPU and massive free RAM to trounce Nokia’s newer offerings. Lets now see how well the power of this device can be utilized at present and see if it can stand its ground in an increasingly touchscreen smartphone world.

Nokia N95

I picked up an N95 8gb from a friend in order for me to do this exercise, I also managed to pick up a mini-B to USB cable and a charger on the way home. The first required component I noticed missing was a TV out cable so I made one out of a used RCA cable and a male 4 pin 3.5mm plug I bought in a nearby electronics store(I will post a special topic for this as well as other DIY mods).

My first move was to do a clean format of the device so that no set app fragments will interfere with my work.

Apps Installed:

Ovi Store client: This is the Ovistore client that allows you to purchase and download apps comfortably from your phone.

Slick: The best IM client in my opinion and it got better recently with Facebook integration. Supported protocols include: Yahoo, MSN/Windows Live, Facebook chat, Google talk,Yjabber and much more.

Opera Mobile: A fantastic browser for Nokia s60 devices. The latest opera 10 features: copy and paste, as much tabs as your phones RAM can hold, speedy rendering engine and Useragent spoof capabilities. A must have for N95 8gb users.

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