Chromebooks get Secure Wi-Fi, VPN and other updates

The Cloud based Chrome OS is aimed at individuals and businesses wishing to free themselves from the high upkeep costs of having Windows or Mac based machines. Everything done in Chrome OS is saved in the clouds and allows users to access their information from anywhere there is an internet connection. Google recently rolled out the first wave of “Chromebooks” – fast, secure and simple laptop computers that have experienced mixed success.

Chromebooks have recently been updated to have Secure WiFi (802.1X) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) support as well as the  ability to access virtualized versions of their desktop applications.

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One of the best things about Chromebooks is that they improve over time with frequent automatic updates. Over the last few months we’ve gotten great feedback from many of our Chromebooks for Business and Education customers, and we’re excited that this week’s latest stable release of Chrome OS includes their top feature requests: VPN and secure Wi-Fi (802.1x) support, and access to virtualized applications. – Google Enterprise Blog

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