Chrome OS and Chromebook – Simplicity, Security and Speed

Google is the undisputed king of search but over the last few years it has been spreading it’s tentacles out in an effort to diversity it’s portfolio and strategically position itself so that it is not too dependent on another company’s platform or service. Google’s tentacle spreading has been hit and miss with the likes Gmail (hit) and Wave (miss) etc. With the continued success of Android in the mobile sphere Google is targeting it’s cannons at much bigger fish – Apple and Microsoft. Chrome OS is their new weapon but just what is Chrome OS and what is Google trying to do?

What is Chrome OS? Quick synopsis!

Chrome OS is a linux based operating system that lives in the cloud that plans to rain down unto the masses offering a quick, intuitive and secure platform for computer users free of all the headaches usually associated with OSs usually. You power it on, it boots in less than 10 seconds you get what you need to get done using  web based applications available  from Google and through developers in the Chrome App store. Basically the internet is the heart and soul of Chrome OS as Google states that most of us spent our time on a computer tied to a web browser anyway, so why not created an entire operating system around one?

The Chromebooks are coming!

Remember the Cr-48 prototype notebook? Google and it’s partners have apparently learnt a whole lot from that project and at the 2011 staging Google I/O revealed the first 2 “Chromebooks” that would be made available to the public starting June 15th build by Samsung and Acer. The prices range from $349 and $499, not quite as low as I’d hoped but decent enough and very affordable. Chromebook introductory video embedded below:

Simplicity, Security and Speed

Google is stressing the three S’s: simplicity, security and speed and is also targeting educational institutions and businesses with special subscription plans of $20 and $28 repeatedly. Personally I am excited about Chrome OS and will be covering it a lot here on What do you think of Chrome OS and the Chromebook so far? Will you be buying one or not? Vote in he poll and leave a comment below!

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