Chrome overtakes Firefox to Become World’s 2nd most Popular Browser

Web analytics firm StatCounter is reporting that as of Novermber 2011 Google Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox to become the second most popular web browser worldwide behind Internet Explorer. Chrome has for months now been the only major browser experiencing growth as more and more users get attracted by it’s speed and features such as easily syncing bookmarks and separating each open tab in it’s own session so that if one tab crashes the entire browser doesn’t have to be restarted.

Seeing that is a Caribbean based blog I looked through the browser statistics on and realized that that Google Chrome is also the top browser in many Caribbean countries such as Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. Looking at our own visitor stats for showed that 32% of our web visitors over the past year use  Chrome, with 29% using Firefox and 23% using Internet Explorer. Cast your vote in the poll below and tell us which is your primary web browser, also feel free to leave a comment.

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  • Ramano

    I have used the top 4-5 browsers and I have found Mozilla Firefox to be overall the best of them due to not only speed but stability, in several instances Opera and Chrome may slightly out perform Firefox when it comes to speed but not when it comes to stability so I choose to use the browser which is most efficient so it may not be as fast as Opera or Chrome but it sure crashes a less for my uses.

    • Kelroy

      for me Firefox had gotten too bloated so I switched a while back. For me Chrome is actually more stable and even if a tab crashes I don’t have to close out the entire browser, just the offending page.

      • Ramano

        That is the thing as bloated as it had become it was still more stable perhaps not as fast but still had superior stability and with my browsing habits of having more that 10 tabs open usually in the range of 15-20 or more in areas like that stability is more important. Another thing one must consider that Firefox is far more than just a browser its basically a coders tool and that is one of the reason why it has become so heavy duty as to also facilitate the open source coders (or at least I think so)

        I think a main reason why Chrome has that feature to terminate the tab which is giving the issues is due to its instability issues that it was experiencing in the past.

        • Kelroy

          Chrome itself isn’t unstable at all, it’s the websites the user visits and mainly flash that causes the crashes and memory problems.

          • Ramano

            :Oo well I visit all kinda of site and most of them don’t have flash well except for youtube of course and I had stability issues with Chrome back in the days. And there was also this big blunder made by Google where they did not plug a very, very, very old vulnerability in Chrome which was then exploited and I think gave the exploiter a back door or something through the browser, don’t quote me on that so that incident sometime back just left a bad taste in my mouth when it came to Chrome also.

  • Kelroy

    Chrome is vaaasstly improved from just say a year ago, and like all browsers including Firefox has had a security hiccup or two.

    • Ramano

      I’m sure I’m not debating that it has grown but a first impression is a powerful thing as for Firefox and other browsers of course security hic cups are unavoidable but to not patch a vulnerability because you had deemed it was too old to be a threat or whatever the heck you were thinking is in many ways unacceptable. You breaking into my house because you are excellent at picking locks is one thing but you getting into my house because I didn’t install the lock to begin with is a whole other matter.

  • Suzuki

    I founded that Chrome is more slower than Firefox. I love Chrome at 1st because it is very stable and fast. But few months ago Chrome started getting very slow, slower than Firefox.

    Although my Firefox kinda not responding when starting up, but it loaded pages very fast.

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