CCleaner – Keep your Computer Optimized and Sparkling

CCleaner is one program I believe should be installed on every Windows computer. CCleaner is a diagnostic utility software that helps computer users keep their computer running properly which in turn protects their privacy and keeps your computer from slowing down or crashing. The average computer these days are running so many different programs and over time all this activity such as adding programs, browsing the web, creating that fancy presentation for work or holding your stockpile of photos, music and videos will cause any computer to slow down.

That is where CCleaner comes in as periodically a computer users can run the software to clean up all kinds of unnecessary junk such as temporary files, Internet cookies, obsolete registry entries, recycle bin, log files and more. I believe that Windows wrongly gets a bad wrap for being unstable and insecure when many of the problems it’s users face can be easily avoided by keeping their system updated and improving their browsing habits in this word of high-speed internet connectons and malware around every corner. In my eyes a CCleaner is more useful to a knowledgeable computer user that even antivirus software and can make a world of a difference in run periodically on most computers.

The best part about CCleaner is that it’s absolutely free and is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Read more about and download CCleaner here:

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