Car Storage during long Trips – Keeping Your Car Safely Stowed Away

So you’re planning on going into a very long trip out of town or out of the country. Your brand new car would have to be left protected.

That way when you do head back home, you would know you still have that reliable car that would be ready to use. There are a lot of different factors that can harm your car while you’re away, but you can minimize it.

All it takes is that you take the time to prepare it and save yourself some money in the long run.

How to protect your car – Car Storage and Pre-maintenance are key

The following are some tips on what you can do to make sure your beloved automobile is left protected.

Find a suitable location

This is long-term storage, and you would need a place that is dry, clean and secure. The area should be free from moisture. This is because moisture, along with humidity can lead to corrosion and brings hazards to the engine.

When the metal of the car is exposed for too long, corrosion and rust begins to take place as well. Growth of mildew in the interior is also possible, that’s why finding the right location is very important.

You can hire trusted storage unit like Tampa storage- units to keep all your valuables safe.

Rodent-Proof storage area needed

The storage area you should choose should be free from rodents. Rats are notorious for chewing everything in its path. This includes your car’s wiring system.

They can also start building nests inside the car, and this would just be a lot of trouble for you. Make sure you have rat poison or other pest control gadgets at hand.

Maintaining your vehicle – Care needed with Gas, Battery, Tires and a Wax Job

Before you leave, make sure you leave your car in great condition. Damages incurred by the car before you leave, when left unattended, can simply worsen.

Making sure you car is ready to go when you come back can as simple as doing a few maintenance checks.

Change the Oil

So to prevent ruining your car completely, make sure to change the oil before you leave.

This reduces moisture in the car. Moisture leads to corrosion.

Fill it right up

Fill the car up with gas.

Driver Filling Fuel Tank ca. 1994

This prevents moisture from settling, therefore effectively stopping rust.

Battery care

If you are leaving for a short period of time, you can leave the battery there. But when leaving for a relatively long time, take out the battery.

When batteries begin to crack, acid leaks out. Simply replace the battery upon your return.

Grease your tires

Use lithium grease to preserve your car tires.

This is to stop the car’s tires from drying up.

Condition the interior

There are a lot of car conditioners available in the market.

Use a leather or vinyl conditioner. This can stop your seats from cracking.

Clean it up

Whether you’re going to a car wash or cleaning your car up yourself, make sure you apply a coat of wax. Don’t forget to buff the car out. Use a great quality car cover.

Using these simple and basic tips, your brand new car will be protected from the elements!!


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