Canva – Empowering the world to design

According to “digital advertising is expected to grow to an annual spend over $335 billion by 2020”.

In an age where everyone has access to technology mediums (emails, insta, tweets, blogs, snaps) and crave the rich digital content we as business owners and young entrepreneurs will find out that creating content that engages your targeted prospects is often the hardest part of an effective and consistent content marketing campaign. Also to do it well will cost a pretty sizable amount.

Sure you can hire a graphic designer to make a beautiful campaign in Photoshop or illustrator or whichever tool they are comfortable with or you can DIY in the early stages of your business.

But HOW!!!!!!

Canva is here to make your life easy. You can Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts or make a custom if you really want to.

Its relatively free 😀
Drag and Drop Designing
Tons of Images and Fonts to Use
Collaborate on designs

May take a few tries to get it right

All that being said try it you be the judge and let me know what you think by commenting.

They say the eyes is the window to your soul but its always the door to your pocket. So a good marketing campaign with these designs could make your business grow. Happy Designing!!!!

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Hola! Im a software developer/business analyst by day and a product strategist by night. Have a passion for helping persons actualizing their ideas whether through software or research. The main vision I have for contributing to this blog is to shed some light on how we can bring software in the Caribbean to the modern century which focuses on the user and how to make their usage seamless, logical yet secure. Enjoy..