Buzz Launcher oh how we love you

The Past of themeing

Lets do a little back tracking to why I love this applicaiton. Remember back in the day on your old Windows XP machine you’d get really bored of the three color scheme’s that were possible, blue, olive-green and silver. So many choices… full of win it was… NOT! Back then my inner nerd struggled to be an individual, so I needed applications such as Style XP or Aston Shell so when chicks saw my laptop screen’ they’d go “but its sooo prettyyyyy” though I’d just smirk and nod thinking “I’m so in there”.


The Present situation of mobiling theming on android

Now we fast track to the Android platform which is in its I have no idea how many iteration… but version 4.3. still it lacks a built-in theme engine and as I’ve stated earlier my inner nerd however latent and small it may be now still needs its individuality. My initial method was via a community called MyColorScreen which I found out about from fellow geek @yatta. MyColorScreen has some awesome themes I mean pure eye-candy awesomeness, the issue that I had is it was just a bit tedious to configure the themes. My favourite theme from the MyColorScreen community was called Suavity after getting that one up and running perfectly I decided I would never change it as it took way too much work and there wasn’t a way to save the theme so if I changed it I could quickly revert.

Enter Buzz Launcher.. the Launcher of the Future for Android

Last night I received a tweet from another phone geek saying install buzz launcher do it NOW!. I reluctantly did it as I swear by Nova Launcher so much that I even bought nova prime. After installing and launching I was switching through themes in seconds. It didn’t like it, tried another, and another and another and another then reverted to previous ones then settled on one then tweaked it to my liking all in less time than I would have spent configuring one MyColorScreen theme. Buzz Launcher is the Bee’s Kneess… beeezzneezzz… um business.. (saw what I did there buzz buzz sting.. ouch!! dammit honey nut cheerios bee) anyway I urge you check out Buzz Launcher, check out some themes. get your android looking uber sexy everybody likes pretty things right?

Wrap up

Word has it that MyColorScreen has been working on an application and its a damn shame that they were beaten to the finish line by a launcher that ain’t nobody ever heard of but ultimately I couldn’t care less about who won the race I just want a sexy looking theme. I look forward to seeing MyColorScreen theme app hitting the google playstore. as we all know competition makes the world turn more efficiently.

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