Breaking News: “Government of Jamaica to Actively Pursue Greater Use of Open Source Software”



Let us declare February as the month of liberation. In this month, we celebrate Black History, Reggae Music, Bob Marley, Clarendon College founder’s day,  Open Source (Happy Birthday!) and this liberating announcement about Jamaican Government looking to use more Open Source.

In this press release, Hon. Andrew Wheatley (Minister of Science and Technology) highlights the need for the Jamaican Government to use more Open Source software. He emphasized the importance of Open Source in driving innovation while cutting the cost of proprietary software. He also made reference to the Open Source Policy Framework report done in 2016, which reaffirm the importance of Open Source software in driving growth in Jamaica and other developing countries. Things are already in motion as various government entities are already formulating teams tasked with creating action plans going forward. Vision 2030// the mission is a go!


What does this mean for you?

Personally, I believe this will usher in a new phase as it relates to the government’s approach with Open Source from a policy and implementation perspective. In simple terms, our government is looking to make better use of your tax dollars by cutting the cost of software while creating more reliable and adaptable solutions.

This could also result in less friction between government entities in areas such as data sharing and system integration. Once again the public will be the main beneficiary.

People it’s a good look!


So Microsoft, IBM & proprietary software please let thy people go!

Happy Black History Month.


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