Flow to upgrade Fiber Internet Service + islandwide 4G and LTE coming soon

In the recent months the internet  service from Flow Jamaica has been the subject of many rants as disgruntled customers have vented on social media and to the OUR about the poor service received. Credible information reaching us here at Geezam points to an imminent announcement from Flow as it relates to an upgraded and improved fiber internet service with increased bandwidth (for free) and availability.

Flow Logo

More to follow

Update 1:

Broadband speeds improved with upgrades to speed and performance.

Fiber internet customers will experience a free speed upgrade in time for Christmas.

  • Flow Rock package speed upgrade from 12mbps to 15mbps
  • Flow Essential package speed upgrade from 15mbps to 20mbps
  • Flow Plus package speed upgrade from 20mbps to 25mbps
  • 100mbps packages now available islandwide

Flow is also promising better connection speeds to popular websites and services such as Netflix and Youtube with more reliable and stable connections for gamers.

Update 2:

Flow has rolled out 4G islandwide with plans to offer LTE speeds early next year.

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  • deliranx

    I’ve been reading and hearing about this. 2016 will be very interesting. Hopefully the competition breeds better value for us.

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