Blue Mountain Renewables to build US$90 million 34 MW Wind Farm by December 2014

BMR (Blue Mountain Renewables) has finally scored a 20-year IPP (Independent Power Provider) Deal with JPS Co (Jamaica Public Service Company) as of Tuesday June 24th 2014. This is to supply some 34 MW of Wind Energy from their Wind Farm that’s located, ironically, just beside JPS Co’s 3 MW Wind Farm at Munro, St Elizabeth.


At US$90 million, its very prices compared to WWFL (Wigton Wind Farm Limited) 24 MW Wigton III Project, which weighs in at a hefty US$4.6 billion. That’s actually a loan from the PetroCaribe Fund that the GOJ (Government of Jamaica) manages under a concessionary Oil agreement with the Government of Venezuela as detailed in Wigton Wind Farms Limited 24 MW Wigton III Project Priced at US$4.6 Billion set to start 2015.

Slated for a September 2015 completion date, it’ll be worth the hefty spend:

  • Reduce Oil Imports by 250,000 to 300,000 barrels a year.
  • Reduced Oil Bill by US$25 million per annum
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2 million Tonnes per annum
  • Reduce Nitrous Oxide (NO2) emissions by 7,000 Tonnes per annum

This reduction in Greenhouse Gases basically equates to over 800,000 passenger vehicles per annum, making BMR able to qualify for Carbon Credits. This is exciting news on Jamaica’s continued push into Renewable Energy, which is hoped to eventually contribute to fulfilling the National Energy Policy, part of Vision 2030 as I’d pointed out in Wigton Wind Farm: Origins and Future Development of Wind Energy in Jamaica.

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