Remove Blingback Tunes, Riddles of the Day and Spin and Win from FLOW phones

If you live in the Caribbean, you may have been subscribed to one of FLOW’s money-making 444 services:

  • CRBT (Caller Ringback Tune) or Blingback Tunes
  • Riddles of the Day
  • Spin and Win

This may differ from country to country in the Caribbean, but one thing is sure; removing them is a hassle. Worse, you’re being billed to receive these things, and you cannot make money from it.


CRBT should be a service where you get paid to advertise on behalf of FLOW as I’ve long argued was possible for the Digicel InTunes account as explained in How to set up and manage your Digicel InTunes Account….but that’s fodder for another article!!!

So here is a quick primer on how to unsubscribed from these!!!

How to unsubscribe from CRBT, Riddles of the Day and Spin and Win

To unsubscribe from CRBT, simply text UNSUB to 4444288 to be removed from the list. If you by some chance had set up a login and password for Blingback tunes, you can unsubscribe via this website

To unsubscribe from Riddles, simply text UNSUB to 4444220 to removed from receiving future riddles

Finally for the Rest of the Caribbean, to be removed from the Spin and Win competition, text the word “STOP” to the numbers in the list below remove from OSA (spin the wheel) as shown in the table below:


Business Unit Area Code Shortcode
Antigua and Barbuda 268
Dominica 767
Grenada 473
Montserrat 664 5463
Saint Kitts and Nevis 869
Saint Lucia 758
Turks and Caicos Islands 649
Anguilla 264 3100
British Virgin Islands 284
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 784 4263


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