Blackberry 10: Can It Rescue Blackberry?

I won’t lie, I love what I am seeing in the latest OS released by Blackberry(yes the company is now Blackberry, RIM is no more) today. The interface seems slick and very intuitive and I like the way it makes accessing personal data on the phone much easier than it was before. One thing I am not so keen about though is the traction that this OS is going to gain in the already saturated high-end smartphone market, yes the OS is new and adds a fresh new breath to the re-branded Blackberry, but will people catch unto it?


I personally would try the OS and I believe many blackberry lovers worldwide would as well. I am notoriously anti-Blackberry as I am disappointed with the current Blackberry OS that looks and functions like a decade old feature phone Operating System, however this new OS does bring a new powerful core to the table as well as a new and easy to use interface.

The Blackberry 10 main menu reminds me a bit of the original Symbian S3 design in 2010 while the live multitasking reminds me of Maemo and Meego, this is in a good way however and I am glad to see cues being taken from the Meego platform which Nokia dumped in favor of the struggling Windows Phone platform.


The OS is saturated with gestures and the replace many functions that buttons would normally fulfill  Upcoming events can be accessed from the Blackberry Hub app simply by just sliding your finger down on the screen on you are at the top of the hub’s list, events in the meantime events and new messages can be access from any part of the phone by simply sliding your finger from left to right. This gesture will “pull” the screen away(the video player for example) and all you to view the new message that just came in, you can then do the gesture again in the opposite direction to start watching your video again. The feature is akin to pulling your curtain aside to see who is outside and then pushing your curtain back after you are done looking.

Lag seems to be totally absent as the phone (Z-10) was running on a speedy 1.6ghz dual core processor, making the interface all more exciting.


We are anxious to get our hands on one of these devices to do a thorough testing and review on the performance of the OS, until then stay tuned to for any further updates on this new era for Blackberry.

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Horace is a military and tech enthusiast who spends most of his spare time listening to music or working on his many interests. He has a grasp of journalism and has been writing from he was 9 years old and has participated in several writing competitions throughout Jamaica.