Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Well I finally got my fangs into Battlefield: Bad Company 2 after all the hype and the fact about all my Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 companions basically bailed on me and left me to the comfort of random people.  So after being loaned a Bad Company 2  account to test out the game I decided to get my own copy but that was solely due to the multiplayer aspect.

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Disappointing campaign and Stubborn Controls

BC2’s campaign left a bad taste in my mouth I was some what disappointed with the overall execution of its campaign mode I wasn’t totally surprised though because first person shooters (FPS) are not usually known to have good story modes just something to get you along the way and not just mindless shooting, one is usually given just enough to let you know why you are shooting and blowing up any and everything that moves.  I found the controls some what stubborn especially when operating and external weapons like a mounted gun on a vehicle this usually only became apparent at the far left and right angles even when I increased the sensitivity of the mouse I had the same issue it wasn’t a response time problem just an overall all feel of the controls.


So in all the game wasn’t difficult per say but to me difficulty was emulated through the controls and inconsistency with the AI in, certain stages the AI plays specific roles and if its not done properly it makes the game that much harder for you to do both roles.  So with all of that and a bad attempt of character personalities of your team mates I saw it as overall lacking.

Gameplay Elements

As for the presentation in true battlefield manner the maps are larger than usual FPS, you are offered a larger area to span out and take the fight to the enemy in some cases you can even flank them and with the introduction of destructible environments the days of hiding behind that tree or in a building are basically at a end if you know that your enemy is in a specific structure picking, picking at you with almost any ballistic weapon you can tear that cover from them and either killing them in the process or revealing their location to make shooting them that much easier.  Another thing with BC2 prepping for battlefield conditions you can choose which weapons  you want to bring into combat on every mission as you acquire them instead of being limited to which ever weapon are given to you like in usual FPS so you can always have your favorite weapons with you, which as of late the trend limits you to a Primary and Secondary weapon, grenades (which in true battle field conditions you have a lot of) and equipment, the gameplay can get rather chaotic at times sometimes even annoyingly chaotic with the combination of the size of the map and the amounts of opposition and at times the sudden introduction of a heavy weapon or two into the fray whether by vehicles or mounted weaponry.


So in all with the combination of the some what stubborn controls, at times bad AI, weak and non engaging story and the stage load times I was just not impressed with the campaign mode for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is available now for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Visit the official site for more information.

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