Barbados on the path to free island-wide Wi-Fi coverage

The Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation in association with the Government of Barbados, the private sector and telecommunications companies set out on a project last year to completely cover the island nation with 100% free Wi-Fi by Novermber 11th, 2011 (11.11.11). The target date has come and gone and although 100% coverage has not been achieved as planed 60% of Bardados now has access to free Wi-Fi.

CEO of the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation, Damian McKinney stated that:

“the project is fundamental to propelling Barbados to the center of global business with the incremental proliferation of free Wi-fi hotspots, which in turn will enable new business opportunities and innovations.”

He also highlighted that while Barbados enjoys a literacy rate of an estimated 99.7%, it is now an indisputable fact that Internet literacy is the new necessary paradigm. Indeed, IT capability and capacity is the single most important transformational force that Barbados can harness, now, when seeking to compete for the lifeblood that is global market share. Read full release on

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