Rift Beta Impressions

So compliments of a fellow member of a local tech forum who keeps us updated on all the latest MMORPGs whether mainstream, unrecognized or in development I learned about Rift several months ago and due to the same person I recevied access to a beta key for the 5th or 6th beta. I decided to […]

Tools Of The Online Gamer: Steam

So with the premise of online gaming comes with more advantages than  just connectivity with one’s fellow gamers, other aspects like the easier access to information and updates as once upon a time when a console had a software/firmware issue one had to wait until the next batch of that specific product was released with […]

Evolution Of The Netbook – Asus Eee Pc 1015PEM Review

It has been a little over a year now since I have stepped in the mobile computing universe I have always been a strong desktop user and didn’t have or in some cases see the need for having a laptop not to mention thier prices which were not all that  attractive to begin with, so the closest thing I had to mobile computing was my smartphone.

After purchasing my first mobile computing device my Samsung NC10 which I also wrote about on Geezam.com in a post titled Netbook Misconception – My NC10 Review. My old Samsung NC10 Netbook will be used as the device of reference when pointing out the advances that Netbooks have undergone. I was surprisingly pleased with its overall performance and reliability and how it made my work days so much easier so after a year odd of basking in the Netbook realm I decided to upgrade but not to a Laptop no not at all but to a better Netbook and now I have in my possession the “Asus Eee PC 1015PEM” which is the subject of this review. Read more about Evolution Of The Netbook – Asus Eee Pc 1015PEM Review

Call Of Duty: Black Ops PC Review

So its been a while since I have played any FPS and now that the new Call Of Duty (CoD) title is out it was time for me to leave my CoD hibernation and put Call Of Duty: Black Ops through the ropes to see what it was made of.  For all the avid followers of the CoD franchise Black Ops delivers what we have come to expect from the series plus some extras. There is the usual Campaign mode (Single Player), Multiplayer (Online/Network) and an additional “Zombie Mode” which facilitates both solo and online play.

A FPS with a Good Story

Campaign mode offers the usual story mode experience which is just as good if not slightly better than what I experienced in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare (MW) & Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) and for me that’s a good thing because FPS usually fail terribly when it comes to their story mode.  It is not necessarily that the Black Ops story mode had better content but it was more interactive it seemed to pull in the player more. Read more about Call Of Duty: Black Ops PC Review

Tools Of The Online Gamer: Hamachi

As gaming has evolved over the generations several aspects have changed, no longer are gamers confined to just their homes or arcades and limited only to playing with or against one or two individuals usually maxing out at four gamers total and usually limited to those individuals being right next to each other. The gaming realm has evolved and as such methods, means and habits have changed ever since the integration of networking and video games the gaming scene has never been the same, especially the PC Gaming scene. If your game does not offer/support some sort of network connectivity whether locally or globally it automatically loses a share of the gaming market. I know some PC gamers who wouldn’t even consider playing much less purchasing any game that does not boast some sort of networking component usually but not limited to an online one.

LAN Emulation with Hamachi

In the gaming world connectivity has become vital but unfortunately some games do not support a robust online option if any at all and thus the alternative is usually LAN (Local Area Network) parties where a group of gamers can come together and connect over a LAN and play together or against each other but that limits one to being in the same geographical structure/location as ones fellow gamers which can become an issue especially if one has to travel great distances to participate in LAN parties and this is where programs like “Hammachi” step in. A program which is able to create/emulate a virtual network and thus allows individuals from remote locations to connect via the internet with each other as if they were on a LAN connection and thus allows them to play games under this emulated environment/connection. Of course this is more a matter of convenience more of an option for friends & associates to still be able to game together and is no way on the level to compete with Pro LAN parties. Read more about Tools Of The Online Gamer: Hamachi

Tools Of The Online Gamer: Ventrilo

For all PC gamers we all know that good quality hardware is of the utmost importance for effective game play – a good video card, a fast response monitor etc., but for all those who game online we also know the importance of communication especially when one participates amongst a large collective of players when one wrong move can not only lead to your demise and the loss of import items, experience, position/territory but it usually means the demise of your team mates also, and we all know how we hate to be the person who fingers can be pointed on that it was your fault.

With most online games of this generation communication is of the utmost importance and that is where programs/software like “Ventrilo” come in handy sometimes it is not just a matter of relaying information it is a matter of relaying information as detailed as possible, if you are killed by a group it is easy to type “incoming”, “look out” or some half assed lazy and sometimes useless feedback to your group at times you need just a bit more if not a WHOLE lot more so if one tried typing “look out there are four guys coming around the corner they have…….” most likely by time you press the enter key or even before that your team mates have been wiped out this is where in game chat excels keeps ones fingers free so their lips can flap “lookout out there a four guys coming around the corner, one is a sniper on top of the blue building one has a LMG (Light Machine Gun) coming to from the left and the others are coming from the right” (we FPS players know that situation all too well) that blows right by in seconds VALUBLE seconds over a program like Ventrilo so whether you are telling your team “don’t go over there a Rogue is stealth”, “We have a Hurricane, Rifter & Thrasher jumping through Gate XHOKL”, “HEAL!!! the tank, get aggro off the healer” it is all made easy with Ventrilo. Read more about Tools Of The Online Gamer: Ventrilo

Digicel Consumer Electronics Show 2010

For a this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which theme was “A Passion for Inovation” which we were informed means that they would have been concentrating on products/technology of the future. The majority of what I saw on display was current technology, overall it pretty much seemed focused on technology available today and yesterday than anything else with a touch of real innovation here and there.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wasn’t much of a CES but more like a Consumer Show due to its lack of real tech presence and tech variety but instead what it had to offer was a repetition of the same type of technologies and in an instance the same store all together. Why would I want to see two to three companies displaying relatively the same technology? Read more about Digicel Consumer Electronics Show 2010

Netbook Misconception – My NC10 Review

I have been using desktops for a long time and I decided I wanted something with some mobility several items came to mind tablets, netbooks, laptops etc, but in the end I decided to get a netbook because it had the best of tablets and the laptop. One of my main reasons for avoiding the tablets was the touch technology I was thinking of the long run and the maintenance and or possible repair if needed and just the life/longevity of the touch interface led me to question it, in regards to the Laptops my main turn off was the massive size especially the types of Laptops that I was interested in and of course there was also the price factor so at the end of the day for features, durability and price I choose to get the Netbook.

Not for High End Software

Now I’m tired of reading and hearing people bashing Netbooks because it cannot run the latest graphics, video editing, video games and thus its garbage, it cannot run those because it was not built to run high end software, in no way was it designed to run your Photoshop CS4, Final Cut or Modern Warfare 2. Did you even check the specs of your CS4 or Maya before trying to run it on your Netbook wait a minute did you even check the specs on your Netbook? Read more about Netbook Misconception – My NC10 Review