WiFi On The Go: Digicel MiFi

Wifi on the go has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?  MiFi the most recent addition to our Telecommunications/ISP companies list of consumer gadgets, is a portable router unit more popular known as MiFi (My Wi-fi).  With the increase in popularity of devices like Tablets and Smartphones the ability to have access to ones […]

The Real Netbook Killers: My Impressions of Acer Aspire Timelinex Series

Consumers just love to discuss what is going to “kill” what, when the Laptop was released it was suppose to be the “Desktop killer” but Desktops are still going strong as they are the bread a butter of serious PC gamers, enthusiasts and professionals who are heavily involved in animation, video and even audio production.  […]

Online Gaming: Rise of Microtransactions

So over the past few years the whole microtransaction approach has made some serious head way, in no way is the use of this payment method new to the online gaming community especially “Mass Multiplay Online Role Playing Game” (MMORPG) but in the past it seems it was not as popular as the “Subscription System” […]

Retail Gaming Flexibility: Str8games

When it comes to acquiring gaming consoles, their titles and accessories there are only a few places in Jamaica that specialize in providing gaming accessories or provide up to date choices on gaming titles for purchase and usually at some ridiculous prices. Not totally their fault of course since our economy is not the greatest, but after […]

The Realm Of Online Banking in Jamaica – NCB and Scotiabank compared

Most of us should know the saying “time is money” and or “time wasted is never regained” (or something to that extent) so most of us should have experienced the pain and loss of precious time that often goes with standing in at times horrendously long lines waiting to pay bills, other expenses or other business/financial […]