Geezam APPetite: Viber For The iPhone

Feed Your APPetite! Welcome to a new kind of web series that can’t quite give you a full stomach but it should at least keep you hungry and coming for more! Geezam is happy to introduce APPetite. Once or twice every month, we here at will bring you an extensive review of our favourite Apps. Apple (Ha! Apple), Android (Ha! […]

Defying The Apple Gods: Jamaica and The App Store

Remember that promise I made to you about an extensive post on Apple’s App Store and what its like living in Jamaica? Bah, me neither. Can I benefit from the App Store? There was an era some time ago where any human being that existed outside of the United States was inadvertently insulted by  Uncle Steve and his army of […]

LIME, The iPhone 4 And The Death Of The Blackberry

The wait is finally over and LIME has been crowned the–new–official carrier of the Apple iPhone 4 here in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. On May 26th, 2011, LIME Jamaica though their official Twitter account made a sneaky little announcement keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that the general public wouldn’t catch on. Something like that would […]

We’re Having A Giveaway! – Not Really

Not So Fast… Before you get all excited and foam at the mouth, we’re not really giving away anything.  The giveaway however is being administered by our friends over at MacXDVD with an awesome software they like to call iPhone Mounter. Hit the jump button for more details. MacX iPhone Mounter is designed to transfer video, music, […]