Create your own Custom Email Address with Zoho Mail

In one of my previous articles, I provided instructions on how to set-up an email address using a custom domain with So instead of providing your business email as, you would instead provide it as The latter option provides a more “business-professional” image of you and your business. Since the time I […]

How Passwords are Cracked: Never Use one Password on All Accounts

One-for-all passwords. Recently I was helping a client configure Outlook 2010 to use 4 email addresses I had earlier created. Those email addresses were created using his custom domain on Instead of logging in and out 4 times to check each account on, I told him it would be easier to use Outlook 2010 which […]

Canonical Launches the Ubuntu Phone on Crowd-funding website Indiegogo

Yesterday, Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution launched the Ubuntu phone. The Ubuntu Edge (brand name), aims to be “… the next generation of personal computing: smartphone and desktop PC in one state-of-the-art device”. The company is using the Indiegogo crowd funding platform to raise the $32 million its needs to bring this […]

How to Use your custom Domain Name with

Normally when you sign up for an online email service such as or, your email address points to the domain name of the email provider. So if you sign up for a Gmail email account your email address is displayed as, or whatever the domain is of your email provider. Normally this […]