XBOX 360 to Support USB Storage in April

Good news Xbox 360 users, as of April 6, you will be able to use flash drives to store data such as game saves, title updates, Xbox Live arcade games, demos, profiles and even install games directly to the flash media. Yup, you read that correctly, instead of installing the game to the hard drive you will be able to put it on the flash drive. Of course, just like installing the game regularly, the disk will need to be in the tray to authenticate it. Geez what’s new.

This new feature will be available through a soon to be released software update from Microsoft. The new update will allow users to create a partition of up to 16GB with the capability of connecting 2 drives simultaneously for up to 32GB of storage. The update also comes with additional memory management functions that will allow you to configure how much storage to use on the device.

Here’s a snapshot of the Memory Management Screen:

Xbox Interface

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HP’s New Ultra-Thin, Multi-Touch, Tablet PC

With the current revolution taking place in the Touch Screen and Tablet PC market, especially since the release of the iPad, many manufacturers refuse to be left out of the growing trend and hope to capture their own chunk of the tech pie. HP has jumped in the race with its HP EliteBook 2740p, Ultra-thin, Multi-touch, Convertible Tablet and notebook PC set to be available in the US in April of this year for as much as $1,599. As usual, the coolest gadgets always seem to be out of my affordable price range.

EliteBook 2740p convertible tablet

With its innovation, HP hopes to provide a rich interactive experience for businesses in health care, education, sales, etc. and improve manageability, productivity and mobility for the mobile professional. Read more about HP’s New Ultra-Thin, Multi-Touch, Tablet PC