Why Science and Math Literacy are Key to Caribbean Development

The lack of racial diversity in the tech industry is a big problem, one that Silicon Valley’s largest firms are trying to solve. For companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google, a more diverse workplace means a better grasp of what customers want, which translates into increased sales and bigger profits. The Caribbean region, with […]

Yahoo’s Flickr iOS App Gets an Update

When Yahoo acquired Flickr in 2005, Gizmodo lashed out at it calling it a disaster. Flickr once dominated the scene of photo hosting, sharing, and showcase for photographers. Apparently, Yahoo’s acquisition is deemed to have made Flickr, flicker? Maybe Flickr’s “epic humble brag” — as Gizmodo puts it — wasn’t so empty after all. It […]

Video on your Hard Drives

Hey there fellow Geezam.com readers, today I’d like to discuss one of the most useful tips I’ve received which I found many of my peers (as I did) take for granted. Many times after the instillation of our NLE program s(avid, premier, final cut) we tend to jump right into throwing media from everywhere into […]

New BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook 1.8

Both come with a list of new option and available features. Firstly BBM at a glance there is a new look to
BBM, RIM has changed the way user edit their status, add display pictures and showing user Barcodes.
RIM says bugs have been fixed to improve the overall user experience. One of the newest feature I
found was shift + del, this allows user to close conversation without pressing the BlackBerry button. All
in all what is see it just a visual overhaul of the already popular BBM app.

Facebook, it the Facebook app BlackBerry users should have always had it so much smoother the old
ones used to freeze. Updates are so smooth you don’t even notice them, the menu transition are so
much smoother than older versions. I don’t think the picture load any faster, but it’s not as painful as
on other versions. Liking, add comments and viewing comment of picture is just one click away. Overall
Facebook 1.8 is faster than the previous version. Read more about New BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook 1.8