Apple’s Golden Dragon iPhone 5S and C for Caring iPhone 5C may be coming on Tuesday September 10th 2013

Apple may have something up its sleeve on Tuesday September 10th 2013 and it may be the Apple iPhone, according to All Things Digital Reporter Ina Fried. The much expected Apple iPhone 5S, which this time around may get getting an Anodized Gold coating. Add to that anticipation the expectation of a budget Apple iPhone 5C. Thus I’m now on the lookout for invites to be sent out sometime next week or the 1st Week of September the latest.


I’m excited but not surprised, however, as the above are all explainable: both of these changes are geared at getting the Apple iPhone access to the huge Chinese, Indian, Russian and Developing Markets. Apple is yet to full tap into the still growing Far East Market whose economies are experiencing phenomenal growth thanks to their business dealings with China and their Biggest Mobile Provider, China Mobile.

The Gold colour is very popular among people of the Far East, which technical start from the Bosporus in Turkey and extends all the way to India, China and the Pacific Islands. Based on KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Gold is the most common modification to the Apple iPhone in China currently after it’s purchased. It may be on this basis that the plucky reporter from All Things Digital, John Paczkowski confirm that, definitely, there is a Gilded Apple iPhone 5S coming, albeit the colour is really called Champagne and won’t be the bright gaudy Gold many would like.

Here are the expected specs for the Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C:

  • 12.1 Megapixel Camera

  • 5” LCD Screen 1,080×1,920-pixel with a 443ppi

  • Apple iPhone 5C priced at about US$199 without contract

  • New 128GB Internal Memory Version

  • Octo-Core A7 Processor (just to up the Ante a bit!)

  • Sapphire Screen

  • Support for Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

  • Thinner, longer lasting Battery

I trust All Thing Digital, as in the past they’ve been right on the money as it relates to predictions about Apple. Additionally, if they’re correct about the Apple pushing into China, India, Russia, and other Developing World Countries then it means that the Apple iPhone 5C is very much possible as well, as it also fall in line with predictions I made back in February 2011 of such a cheaper plastic variant as per my article Towards a cheaper Apple iPhone – Batteries Not Included.

I know this from experience too, as here in Jamaica in Downtown Kingston, many Chinese and Indian Merchants (we call them Syrian but many are really Armenians!) seek prosperity by having the names of their shops either with the name “Gold” or “Golden” or with the Jade Buddha or an image of the elephant God Ganesha, sometimes visible in their business places dressed with trimmings of Gold. Even the business names are often gaily decorated in Gold, with the hopes that the colour will bring them prosperity.

Dekal Wireless, a Municipal Wi-Fi Provider owned by a consortium of Jamaican Businessman Wayne Chen and the Lee’s Family (Chinese peeps connected like that, like duh-uh!) as described in Dekal Wireless – Broadband for the Masses and my first article on Geezam, even has a Data Plan option that is called “Gold”. Sweet!

The American and European Markets Apple Fanboys may covet the new Golden boy Apple iPhone 5S not for it value, but for its rarity and appearance, which’ll make it very striking both in appearance and assumed value. It’ll also be a great chic magnet as well as paint a giant target on you back that suggest you’re just waiting to get “jacked”.

The Apple iPhone 5C on the other hand, is a different caboodle of Dalmatian puppies. Dressed up all in Black and white may no longer be cool, as a recent post by noted Australian Blogger Sonny Dickson suggest that this smartphone may also be sporting colour options similar to that of the Moto X.

Additionally, the alleged Apple iPhone 5C would help Apple scratch their Android Itch, which iOS has shown they have, both OS being equally balanced in the market according to the latest Comscore Stats. By making a cheaper smartphone, they can attack Google Android with their own strategy of customization and options and gradually use their more stable OS and Walled-Garden approach to their App Store to woo Google Android users to switch to a more youth oriented Apple iPhone 5S.

After all, the Apple iPod Nano, of which I am proud owner of a Red Version, comes in a plethora of colour choices to spoil the delight of many a Millennial (ages 1 to 28). Ditto too the Apple iPod Classic, the Apple iPod Shuffle and the Apple iPod Touch. So why not the Apple iPhone 5C?

But a much more convincing reason exists as well. Many Americans were very much upset in 2012 when Apple launched both a new Apple iPhone 5 as well as a surprise Apple iPad 4 with a new Lightning Connector. This new Lightning Connector which is reversible in how it’s connected and is compatible with Thunderbolt, the super fast Fiber Optic Connectivity standard that Apple’s rolling out across all its products, makes the older 30-pin connector obsolete. So all those gadgets that had that use it have to hit the road, Jack!

With the Apple iPhone 5C, Apple can placate those who got burned by the Lightning Connector upgrade with a cheaper unlocked US$199 Contract-less and Plastic colour-phillic Apple iPhone 5C that has all the bells and whistles of its metallic cousin. Just makes sure you buy a Prepaid Data and Voice Plan from your Telecom Provider of Choice.

It would also help Apple to phase out all the older Apple iPhones, from the Apple iPhone 4S and older that have the 30-pin Connector. Traditionally Americans and Europeans carry in their older Apple iPhones and upgrade to a newer Apple iPhone and pay the difference in price. With this new low cost option, it makes it that much easier for the disenchanted customers with an older Apple iPhone who got frustrated by Apple’s yearly upgrade cycle and the recent Lightning Upgrade to upgrade to the latest without breaking the bank.

The Apple iPhone 5C says Apple Cares and The Apple iPhone 5S is their Golden Dragon, Game of Thrones (or is it Phones?) style. It’s a Good Look come Tuesday September 10th 2013!

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