Apple’s Appointment hands-on Approach is why Apple Watch succeeded

Many analysts see the Apple Watch as a potential challenger to the Swiss Watch makers like Bulova, Breitling and Bulgari but appealing to a more modern aesthetic. It won’t be the first challenger to the Swiss Watchmaker’s throne, as they’ve met every challenge and survived.

Apple's Appointment hands-on Approach is why Apple Watch succeeded

But can they survive the marketing might of Apple and their smartwatch that does more than just tell time?

The Apple Watch went on pre-order at 12:01 a.m. PT on Friday April 10th 2015, with many Americans and citizens in the First World and Developed World making an appointment on that day for a personalized fitting. These countries became the first to set appointments for a fitting of Apple Watch at Apple Stores:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • China

Two (2) weeks later on Friday April 24th 2015, those orders were sent to the address of those shoppers who ordered their Apple Watches after being satisfied with a fitting. The fitting process involved the customer trying out the various sizes, models and types of wrist bands for the Apple Watch, thereby ensuring a satisfied customer.

This hands-on approach was a huge departure from how the OEM (Original Equiptment Manufacturers) chose to sell Android Wear smartwatches, often selling them online without any attention to the customer experience. This difference in approach might go a long way to explaining why they only sold some 720,000 smartwatches in all of 2014.

So what choices did Apple purchasers have to make that necessitated a fitting?

Apple Watch Sales – Why the personal Touch makes all the difference

I’ll give you a quick walk-through on the Apple Watch buying experience.

First, it’s good to know that the Apple Watch comes in three (3) Designs tailored specifically for three (3) distinct types of customer:

  • US$349 Apple Watch Sport made with Aluminium
  • US$549 Apple Watch made with Stainless Steel
  • US$10,000 Apple Watch Edition made with 18-karat-gold

During a fitting, you’ll be asked which design you like. You’ll also be asked what colour you wanted, which varied according to the design of the Apple Watch:

  • Apple Watch Sport comes in Silver or Space Gray
  • Apple Watch comes in Stainless Steel of Space black
  • Apple Watch Edition comes in 18-karat yellow gold or 18-karat rose gold

Once you choose your design of Apple Watch, you then have to choose which of the two (2) sizes best fits your wrist, which Apple interestingly specifies using metric:

  • 42mm
  • 38mm

Finally, once you’ve chose your type of Apple Watch to suit our pocket, its colour to match your alligator boots and the size that best fits your wrist, you now have to accessorize it with a properly fitted band. Your handy Apple Store employee will be on hand to advise you what wrist strap goes best with which type of Wristwatch:

  • Milanese loop of metal mesh with magnets
  • Leather band that auto-attaches
  • Segmented metal link band
  • Classic leather watchband
  • Leather loop band
  • Plasticized sport band in bright colors

With the level of attention to detail and the hands-on approach applied by Apple in selling the Apple Watch, it’s no wonder that analysts are so eager to crown Apple king of Wearables, even as Christmas 2015 is yet to come.

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