Apple Watch is Apple’s Biggest Product Launch in History

The Apple Watch is already on the path to being the biggest product launch in Apple’s history.

It was already being tipped by Analysts to be the No. 1 wearable, dethroning the Fitbit line of fitness trackers as predicted in my article Analyst IDC logs Wearables Profitable in Q1 2015 Fitness Tracker Business.

Apple Watch is Apple’s Biggest Product Launch in History

How big is the Apple Watch compared to Apple’s previous launches?

According to research firm Slice Intelligence, the Apple Watch has surpassed some 3 million sold since they began being shipped to customers on Friday April 24th 2015.  They analyzed email shopping receipts for online shoppers with 20,000 of them having purchased an Apple Watch.

Trip Chowdhry, Managing Director of Global Equities Research on Monday June 1st 2015 pointed out that by the end of the Second Quarter of 2015, Apple would have sold some 5 million Apple Watches. Compare the Apple Watch launch First Quarter sales to those of other Apple products over the years:

  • 50,000 Apple Mac in 1984
  • 125,000 Apple iPods sold in 2001
  • 1.1 million Apple iPhone’s sold in 2007
  • 3.3 million Apple iPads shipped in 2010

Apple has now reverted to allowing American and Apple aficionados worldwide the option to purchase the Apple Watch at the Apple Store after making a reservation. Sales can only get higher as Apple since May 2015 has allowed Third-Party designers to make Wrist straps for the Apple Watch.

Apple, always the careful designer, has even published guidelines for these Wrist strap makers on a special website called Creating Bands for Apple Watch so that they won’t get it wrong.

With Apple Watch 2.0 rolling out in September 2015 with significant improvements as noted in my article Apple WWDC 2015 debuts OS X 10.11, Watch OS 2.0 and Apple Music, I think it’s about time I introduced the Caribbean to the next big thing you’ll need to have in your wardrobe in time for Carnival.

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