Apple to debut Apple iWatch in March 2013 – iWant one and iCant Wait

I awoke today on Thursday February 14th 2013, knowing two things. First, I need to get some blog articles done. Second, the realization that my mini-obsession over wristwatches just got the blessing of the Gods. This as according to Bloomberg, Apple’s reportedly working on a Wristwatch with a team 100 man strong. For March 2013 debut.

In short, it’s the iWatch as I’d predicted in Prediction: The iPod Nano Watch – Time has a New Standard nearly two (2) years ago on the Geezam Blog. The God Cupid, it seems, have blessed me on this Valentines with the possibility of my true love.

OMG [muted screaming while doing the Harlem shake]!

As I’d speculated back then in January 2011 in Prediction: The iPod Nano Watch – Time has a New Standard, the form factor of the Apple iPod had tapped into a smartwatch craze that was catching on. Not to mention increasingly Geek-centric fashion consciousness with a sense of individualism as noted in Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch – Fob Watch for Tron Steampunk Geek Gentlemen. Or even retro nuveautrimings brought to life Evanescence Style by modern Technology as noted in Apple iPod Nano vs Phosphor Reveal – Bling Bling, Playa.

This smartwatch craze became concept, as it became obvious from studying natural human habits that taking you phone out of your pocket to tell the time’s a bit silly. The smartphone you have, be it pretender-to-the-throne Blackberry or a real smartphone like the Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy SIII, does more than tell time.

So why risk scuffing, dropping or being robbed (Oh my God!) for just wanting to check a Tweet, Post or Text or heaven forbid the time, when all that simple mundane info can be mirrored to a Bluetooth connected Smartwatch?

The smartwatch may ONLY work well if you have a smartphone or Tablet to connect to via Bluetooth but that’s the whole point; you want to connect to you tablet, not risk breaking it or getting jacked for flashing your “precious” just because it chirped and bedded you to read that latest FB update, look at that latest Instagram or read yet another boooooooring work email or irreverent celebrity Tweet?

Even better, in public, you look more human and less machine looking at your watch while jamming to you beats with ya Beats Audio Headphones on, albeit I’d prefer Bluetooth Wireless headphones as noted in Apple patents Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds as Wireless Bluetooth Speakers take Flight.

Hint: That product may be coming too in March 2013, as they’d make a smartwatch into a music player to stream your music from your smartphone or Tablet or just as a standalone player a practical reality as predicted in Prediction: The iPod Nano Watch – Time has a New Standard.

Smartwatch for your smartphone or Tablet to show how smart you are; simpler tasks ported to a smaller screen than only require a quick acknowledgement that you “Got the Message” and really not interested to respond. Better yet, control your supersized smartphone in your pocket or purse from your smaller screened smartwatch, Pacific Rim (2013) Style!

Plus it’s yet one more indication that the trend toward more efficient smartphone designs and better batteries as noted in Kyoto University’s Water-powered Smartphone Batteries and SHARP’s IGZO power Efficient Screen for 2013. This trending towards smartwatches also lends credence to my prediction of smartphone screen size stopping at 5” as I’d bespoken in Augmented Reality Contact Lens development will shrink smartphones to Feature Phone size .

This as an added bonus of a Bluetooth-connected smartwatch is that saves on your smartphone’s power usage power and prolongs battery life as you don’t have to unlock the phone every time. All those basic functions are already mirrored on your smartwatch, the next pit stop to connected Glasses and Contact Lenses.

Cool huh?

Open Source Community and Open Architecture took a stab with the WIMM Smartwatch concept that made the headlines in August of 2011 as per my rant WIMM Open Architecture Intelligent Wristwach Platform – Android’s Tomorrow Never Dies. Kickstarter burstin’s at the seams with smartwatch pretenders to the throne, with smartwatch designs such as Pebble (sounds like Motorola Pebl?) making waves in the smartwatch pond.Even Sony’s taken a stab at the smartwatchmarket but is yet to report success with a product priced as costly as a smartphone on contract.

So it comes as no surprise that Apple may (or may not!) be working on an Apple iWatch, as no-one is yet to crack the code for a truly ubiquitous smartwatch design.100 designers indicates a serious design team at burning the midnight oil hoping to become the next big product. A product many Apple-biters such as yours truly, upon being entranced by the diminutive Apple iPod Nano back in 2010, had been praying would fall from heaven onto their wrists like Manna.

Word Up!

In short, it’s more about fashion and function and less about practicality, atypical of any Wristwatch, once the price is right. The geekiness and giddy day days of smartphones are slowly passing as smartphones and Tablets evolve from their sophomore years into a product ready to graduate into the professional working world.

Having alerts sent to your connected Smartwatch, akin to a Beeper, makes having one of these monstrous and expensive screens in Jamaican public that much easier to adopt as hoped for in my helpful How to transfer Phone Contacts and Data from your Blackberry to your Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphone or Tablet.

In Apple Fanboy speak, iWant one and iCant Wait till March 2013!

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