Apple iPod Nano vs Phosphor Reveal – Bling Bling, Playa

In a previous article entitled Prediction: The iPod Nano Watch – Time has a New Standard, I unintentionally exposed myself. Very badly too, as an Apple-philic friend of mine who follows the Geezam Blog pointed out. This individual is not just a user of Apple’s products; she has built a shrine to Apple CEO Steve jobs, a rare thing for any Jamaican.

So she took umbrage with even daring to turn the cute, affordable little Apple iPod Nano into another expensive piece of arm candy. Thoughts of “but that’s what you are!” ricochet in my brain, but I managed to escape the conversation with this fair skinned femme fetale Catholic Friend just outside of Juici Beef, ‘front of Young’s Pharmacy in May Pen, ‘bout two (2) fortnights aback.

So I shall come out of the broom-cupboard [coughing, sneezing] and say it upfront.

I love wristwatches.

Not watches.


There, I said it. Happy?

I am un-abashedly, “ooh-er” and “ahhh-er” shameless admirer of wristwatches, albeit I have not yet bought another for myself, as I have yet to spot a signature piece with a unique character like my strange tech-obsessed self.  Too many large faced watches out there that speak nothing of functionality and lack flair, class or panache!

This as wristwatches are no longer just timepieces or technological marvel. They are not even gadgets, as far as I am concerned, albeit many may disagree.

They fall into the category of “bling bling”. So when I saw the Apple iPod Nano, because of its now diminutive size, I thought “Finally, Apple is thinking up my street!”.

I always though the Nano Refresh from Apple Refresh in 2010 a tad too small to really be a MP3 Player. Guess I was not alone in my opinion, as CNET Editor David Carnoy and ZDNet Writer Mathew Miller both expressed similar sentiments.

Hence my call akin to CNET Editor David Carnoy for Bluetooth in the Apple iPod Nano. Throw in probable (fingers crossed) support for Mobile Voice and Data Support via 3G or LTE (Long Term Evolution) integration into a SOC (System on a Chip) built by Qualcomm.

This Dick Tracey wristwatch from Apple would ensure your geek credibility.

So when I read about the Phosphor E-Ink World Time Watch back in December 2010, my curiosity was naturally piqued. Amazon probably made a wristwatch or licensed the tech to Phosphor as an E-ink display on a wristwatch means that it s only readable under god lighting conditions.

The design is clever and straight to the point, with a Digital face design and ability to tell time in different parts of the world that says you are about your business with panache. Solid plastic watchbands with options for leather on this Phosphor E-Ink World Time Watch make this a must have in your wristwatch collection.

Not to mention the envy of friends and a great conversation ice breaker. Albeit the lack of an analog interface is strikingly odd – and annoying! Ditto any other tech options like the Apple iPod Nano, in its wristwatch-form incarnation.

But it is Phosphor’s next take on a wristwatch that has me standing up and cheering, as this is the wristwatch that will, I suspect, when “Reveal”ed, be the next “meeee too!, meeee too” wristwatch for Jamaicans in the Summer of 2011.

A clever segway to the Phosphor Reveal, a wristwatch that is as Victorian-era as you can get! It is also a World Time Watch, but with diamond studded faceplate stylings reminiscent of a Biggie Small’s music video.

Its sophistication does not end there.

It’s cleverly named MD3 (Micro-Magnetic Digital) Technology is similar to that used at the Charles De Gaulle Airport, where you see the letters and numbers mechanically tumbling and changing to present to you the information as it relates to flights.

The Phosphor Reveal is a steampunk-esque marriage of modern stylings with advanced Electronic Time-keeping Technology. The wristwatch face, instead of being LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), is instead covered with small 1mm squares with equally small Swarovski Crystals affixed.

Imagine walking down the road with that on your wrist!

How it works is truly reminiscent of the hidden power of magnets in the Apple iPad 2 unique cover.

An equally small magnet is locate beneath each of these spring mounted square. When the magnet is powered on in the traditional “figure 8” configuration, the spring mounted pivot flips and shows it’s Dark Side, thus creating the number desired. Similar to the display at the Charles De Gaulle Airport!

Most likely, the magnets are controlled by a microcontroller that controls how they turn on and off. At this point, if all this talk of magnets reminds you of the Apple iPad 2’s Magnetic Case, take heart. Magnets are now en vogue and are making a slow comeback in technology.

Like its technology cousin the Phosphor E-Ink World Time Watch, this wristwatch is best read in low lighting conditions, as that much “bling-bling” on your hand will get your kidnapped.

So sale or fail, as teenagers say?

I say these three (3) watches are a sale in Jamaica, especially the Apple iPod Nano complete with a phone and 3G or even LTE capabilities.

The unique clasp leather finish of the Phosphor E-Ink World Time Watch.

Or the bejeweled Swarovski Phosphor Reveal keepsake that can snarl traffic with its glare are even bigger hits, just in case you are not an Apple fan and you really only want a wristwatch.

And like the current craze with the Apple iPod Nano Watch….I mean Mp3 Player… can make the wristwatch band “custom fitted” on these signature Phosphor timepieces, to your taste, Mary J Bligh “The One” Style.

Especially the Phosphor Reveal! Numba one Stunna!!

Summer will be “blinging” with these, my two favourite watches (??) worth getting a beatdown over during the Summer of 2011.

Hope you enjoyed my little tryst in Wristwatches, dear reader. More importantly, I hope my little Catholic friend from May Pen, Clarendon does not hold it against me as I dream of a Dick Tracey Wristwatch for the Apple.

More to come in this series!

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