How to put FLOW or Digicel Data Settings on an Apple iPhone

So you just got an Apple iPhone be it a 5S, 6, 6S, 6S Plus or the latest Apple iPhone7 from a relative. Great, once you’ve unlocked it and removed the Apple iCloud Security feature, you’re good to go.

The first thing you may want to do is to surf the internet, be it via FLOW or Digicel’s Mobile Data Network. To enter the settings is a process fairly easy for anyone to master:

Select Settings


Select Mobile/Cellular Data

Select Mobile/Cellular Data Options


Select Mobile/Cellular Data Network


Click on Reset Settings.


Exit to Homescreen. Then select Settings.

Select Mobile/Cellular Data.


Select Mobile/Cellular Data Options.


Select Mobile/Cellular Data Network.


Enter Internet Information as follows:


For FLOW Prepaid:

Name: FLOW

APN: ppinternet

APN Type: default


For FLOW Postpaid:

Name: FLOW

APN: internet

APN Type: default


For Digicel Prepaid and Postpaid:

Name: Digicel


APN Type: default


Restart 10 seconds. Voila just like that you have data on your iPhone. Sharing is caring so share this with someone else!!

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