Apple iPhone 4S Post Mortem – Siri Voice Assistant and iMessage Rock

The Apple iPhone 4S launched on Tuesday October 4th 2011AD to much media fanfare in the private cozy setting of Apple’s Town Hall Room at their Headquarters in Cupertino, California located at the Infinite Loop Drive. CEO Tim Cook was the Master of Ceremonies in his own style, with his “Cook” Notes as they may soon come to be called, reserved for the Apple iPod and its eventual future, which I shall reserve for another article. Spoken first in my article Apple iPhone 5 coming in October and the Apple iPad 3 is in the wings!

Apple iPhone 4S
The new Apple iPhone 4S

Note I said the Apple iPhone 4S. Not the Apple iPhone 5. Apple Lemmings and Sheep ears droop with those goo-goo eyes filled with tears, their chibi telling their emotions da’te bayo, Naruto Shippuden Style.

Then Steven Paul Jobs (1955AD – 2011AD), the Founder and Creator of Apple Inc and the Chief Architect of its Infinite Loop of products, died the following day on Wednesday October 5th 2011AD of Respiratory Complications due to his advanced Pancreatic Cancer. And the Sheep and Lemmings cried all over again…..

The following Friday October 14th 2011AD saw long lines at many an Apple Store but this time with a more funeral than festive vibe, as the usual pushing and haggling for sport and valuable spots in a long line were gone. The life and times of Steven Paul Jobs (1955AD – 2011AD) is forever immortalized in my article Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO – Fourteen years of Innovation with an “I”.

May he Rest In Peace….a moment of silence if you have read this far.

Everyone came to pay their respects to Steve Jobs. Knowing the person he was, hopefully, on his journey down the River Styx, he packed a couple of future products, such as the Low-Voltage Lowe Power A6 Quad-Core Apple iPad 3 and the real Apple iPhone 5 to bribe the Egyptian God Anubis [Hades for Greek geeks].

So now all the noise has quieted down and the somber lines departed, many a curious Sheep and Lemming are now probably asking: what happened to the Apple iPhone 5 we heard about?

Short and obvious answer is that the Apple iPhone 5 coming next year in 2012AD. The Apple iPhone 4S is merely for those customers who are still sitting on the fence and still unsure about committing to a smartphone on a two (2) year contract. This as the pricing of the new model makes early termination of two (2) year contracts difficult, as the pricing gap is equivalent to the ETF (Early Termination fees) for most of the Big Three Telecom Networks.

The pricing of the significantly faster and gaming-ready Apple iPhone 4S on the two (2) year contract reveals this:

Apple iPhone Model Network Price (US$) on two (2) Year contracts
Apple iPhone 4S AT&T, Sprint and Verizon 199.99
Apple iPhone 4S AT&T, Sprint and Verizon 299.99
Apple iPhone 4S AT&T, Sprint and Verizon 399.99
Apple iPhone 4 AT&T, Verizon 99.99
Apple iPhone 3GS AT&T 0.00

So Apple packaged incremental upgrades to satisfy those looking to upgrade from we-still-have-no-app-store-or-video-streaming Blackberrys and fragmented-and-poor-hardware smartphones running Google Android OS as noted in Android smartphones may be king in 2015AD, but RIM Blackberry quality shines.

Apple therefore offered compelling features to woo such customers instead of lower pricing, even going as far as partnering with Sprint, now widening the appeal to the Top Three (3) Telecom Networks in the US of A: AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Apple’s answer to Google Android’s coming dominance in smartphones and Tablets as per my article Android Tablets gain on the Apple iPad – Here Comes the Hot Steppa.

Features such as:

  • A5 Dual-Core Processor as used in the Apple iPad
  • iOS 5.0
  • HSDPA+ Release 7 support for the upcoming 4G Networks on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon
  • GSM (Global System Mobile) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Networks compatible, the so-called “World Phone” concept
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
  • Siri Voice Assistant Technology from Siri, the US Government’s DARPA (Defense and Research Project Agency) spin-off company purchased by Apple
  • Apple iCloud File Synching
  • Apple iMessage

Apple, it appears, will never drop to the level of bargain-basement deals like smartphone handset makers sporting Google Android OS by making a cheaper Apple iPhone as prognosticated months prior in Towards a cheaper Apple iPhone – Batteries Not Included. Their mantra is still innovation, high quality and stellar customer experience straight out of the box in a highly competitive smartphone business.

The uncannily accurate Siri Voice Assistant and the easy-to-use intuitive Apple iMessage messenger is part and parcel of Apple’s philosophy. Apple iOS 5.0 is a rock solid upgrade to the Apple iPhone 4, finally making the Apple iPhone 4S (“S” stands for speed!) a viable replacement for the Blackberry.

Perhaps in by 2012AD the innovations missing will fall in place and coalesce in the form of the Apple iPhone 5, mainly predicted to be:

  • 128MB Memory Upgrade
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) for casual purchases and high Speed Data Transfers
  • Integrated SOC (System on a chip) for 4G LTE, HSDPA+ Release 7 and 3G Compatible Networks
  • Official Telecom Provider support for FaceTime over LTE, HSDPA+ Release 7 and 3G Compatible Networks
  • Better Battery Life, upwards of five (5) days full usage via the Integrated Solar Panels
  • Ubeam’s Ultrasonic Power Transfer Technology for recharging using ambient sound
  • Liquid Metal trimmings in the design aesthetics

So as the Apple iPad 3 rumours begin to swirl and stir, I will sit patiently along with the Sheep and Lemmings nodding in agreement to my above proffered explanation. Apple Chairman and Founder Steven Paul Jobs (1955AD to 2011AD) did make an Apple iPhone 5 before he died.

We, the Apple Faithful, just have to await its arrival along with the Apple iPad 3 sometime before the London Olympics on July 27th 2012AD at coordinates to be determined in the future, Star Trek (2009) style…..

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