Apple iPad S – Apple Refresh on March 2

After a lot of rumours amusingly being proffered by three (3) major newspaper and magazine publications, namely Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times with regards to an Apple iPhone Mini, it would seem a tad ironic that reliable news even exists!

That’s the power that one bite from the Bad Apple can do to you folks; a cult following even among those who may not even be Apple aficionados. Thus it is surprising that a reporter Kara Swisher of the online blog All Things Digital has finally nailed it right on the head with something refreshing lacking in all this talk about Apple: actual news.

According to her exclusive, Apple is set to debut the Apple iPad 2, (or as I like to call it, the Apple iPad S!) on Wednesday March 2nd 2011. This is solid news and it makes sense on several fronts.

Apple usually lets the noise quiet down considerably before making a big splash in the pond, disturbing the minds of many with another family addition to their tightly knit ecosystem of products. But interestingly, is the sparseness of the article, merely stating date and possible San Francisco location. Guess it is time for Bloggers and News aficionados to start checking for invites in the mail!

Rifling through all the rumours about this particular Apple Unicorn, if you please! First, it is now apparent that the Apple iPad S is NOT shipping in late February 2011, despite reports of a six hundred thousand (600,000) strong army of them making a beachhead in the US.

More like June 2011, for those on the limb or gathering yet again like sheep. “B-aaaaad Apple”, go the sheep, disappointed yet again, but resigned to gather in June 2011 nonetheless!

It appears that manufacturer Hon Hai of Foxconn fame has hit production difficulties due to “design changes” before the Chinese New Year, which began on February 3 2011. This according to Yuanta Securities analyst Vincent Chen, which, given his position, may be self-serving news, but news nonetheless. Design changes?

Apple iPad S with a double-or-nothing poker hand of two (2) USB ports, two docking cradles, two cameras on front and one rear facing and a dual-core processor is expected in most quarters. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Reality has now set in as the “One More Thing” Event in San Francisco approaches. These wish list add-ons are a techie’s dream consume a considerable amount of power. If the Apple iPad S is to be thinner, the game changing device would have to change the game yet again with a better power supply. Like a DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) similar to the Mobion from MTI Micro. Or Integrated Solar Panels, which seems most likely

Likely you say?

Yes indeed! Albeit a filed patent from Apple Inc Engineers from as far back as June 2010, Integrated Solar Panels (photovoltaic) are a likely and much hoped for addition to the Apple iPad S which I have heard no one predicting, save for myself.

Integrated Solar Panels would, ironically, make a cheaper Apple iPhone as per the wishes of Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, eliminating the Charger from packaging altogether.

More likely and in the ream of possibility, is a world-ready Tablet sporting dual-mode Qualcomm chipsets, here referring to an ability to work on both CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Networks such as Verizon and Sprint and GSM (Global Systems Mobile) Networks such as T-Mobile and AT&T.

In essence, it would be packing a Communication Chipset that does both CDMA DSP (Digital Signal Processing) as well as a slot to accept a SIM! Neat tech trick by Apple! If true, no other Tablet market appears to have considered doing and would give them an edge in International Markets, no matter what Network.

These are Communication Chipsets that Qualcomm already makes. Apple probably would jump on this bandwagon for both its Apple iPad S and Apple iPhone 5 lines of product.

Couple this with a minor adjustment to the Apple iPhone External Loop Antenna! This involves the separation of the Bluetooth Antenna from the GSM/CDMA Antenna on the Verizon version of the Apple iPhone as noted by analyst iSuppli.

The above expectations are now slowly solidifying in the crucible of ration expectations to something breathtaking: a front facing camera and dual-dual mode capabilities for the Apple iPad S with possibly Integrated Solar Panels.

Mean and Green! Simple and yet elegantly Apple!

Other surprises are best reserved for the standing–room only event on Wednesday March 2nd 2011 in San Francisco.

Good news for Telecom Providers here in Jamaica planning to support Tablets! If these trends, especially the Dual-mode Chipset and the Integrated Solar Panels catch on with other Tablet makers, it would remove some of the expense and guesswork in retailing a product for which you would have to purchase and stock for your Network specifically.

Not to mention reduce power consumption on this computer device, a major sticking point of computer purchasers, wary of their vampire draw on power in their homes.

So it looks like the Easter Basket of goodies for the Wednesday March 2nd 2011 Event is choc full of possible Easter Egg surprises.

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Lindsworth is a Radio Frequency and Generator Maintenance Technician who has a knack for writing about his work, which is in the Telecoms Engineering Field. An inspired writer on themes as diverse as Autonomous Ants simulations, Power from Lightning and the current Tablet Wars.


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