Apple iPad 2 – Dual-Core Easy Skankin’

Apple CEO Steve Jobs appearance at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in Downtown California on Wednesday April 2nd 2011 AD for the launch of the Apple iPad 2 (sorry folks, no “S” as I had hoped!!) was truly, if you are a Bob Dylan fan, like smoking a joint and going on a “trip”. Psychedelic dude! Americans and fellow Jamaicans Apple aficionados, I officially declare April 2nd 2011 Apple iPad Day and an International Holiday! [Whole world cheering!!]. The Apple iPad 2 has arrived folks!!

Steve Jobs has made history again. A gaunt figure of a man, his ominous presence, obviously tired but speaking clearly and concisely, struts on stage with only a couch and a table amid cheers, soaking up every word, every moment. On break from his sick leave, he was nonetheless defiant of Doctor’s orders, quote: “We’ve been working on this product for a while and I just didn’t want to miss today”.

Who would want to miss this? Worse, how could you, dear reader? It was blogged live via CNET, with minute-by-minute coverage and images galore, many of which I copied and stored for posterity on my FB page!

He calmly bashed the competition, makes light of the “other” Tablets who still are yet to make a dent in the Apple iPad’s 90% market share (90%? I thought it was 87% according to analyst IDC?). Jobs also spouted other unconfirmed statistics, that being the Apple iPad having sold nearly fifteen million (15,000,000) devices since launch on Saturday April 3rd and Sunday April 4th 2010, contributing US$9.5 billion to Apple Inc.’s profits in 2010.

Not surprising, as within twenty eight (28) days of its launch in 2010 last year, the original Apple iPad sold out nearly one million (1,000,000) devices. Developers have benefited too, making a cumulative total of US$2 billion dollars from the retail of Apps in the Apple Apps Store since 2008 till now.

With more than three hundred thousand apps (350,000) with sixty five thousand (65,000) strong Apps coming from the Developer Community that are Native to the Apple iPad Platform and work exclusively with the Apple iPad.

He also bashed the competition, taking swipes at Google Android OS 3.0 aka Gingerbread and their Tablets along with HP and WebOS based HP TouchPad and the yet to be launched RIM PlayBook. Apparently, he has them in his sights as competitors; thus as he spoke, I did not detect a hint of sarcasm, but merely a good planner marking his territory and not taking his competition lightly by merely naming them.

But when he announced the specs, which are neatly laid out on this blog by Kelroy, the crowd went wild, in a mild calm demure sort of way. No Retina Display as with the previous Apple iPad, it now sports an A5 Dual-Core Processor, up from the Single-Core A4 Processor in the original Apple iPad. This is a STRONG signal to every Tablet maker; that despite the commonly held misconception, Dual-Core Processors don’t consume more power and they are in.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs claims to be the first to feature a Tablet packing a Dual-Core Processor, but alas, here he is mistaken, as the Motorola Zoom runs on NVidia Dual-Core Processors.

So too are Motorola Atrix smartphone and its Laptop shell companion and the Motorola Bionic smartphone, BOTH being all Dual-Core deals. Throw in Dual-Core versions of the snapdragon Processor from Qualcomm for the HTC Flyer Tablet  and Dual-Core’s time has truly come along with SSD (Solid State Drives)!

In fact the Apple iPad’s Dual-Core A5 makes it a suitable gaming platform, putting it on par with the US$800 Motorola Xoom and the HTC Flyer!

He truly is suffering from a rather deleterious illness, that this nuance of technology should slip his mind onstage. Understandably, presentation is key and to be truthful, no big hoopla has been made over the Motorola Xoom and its extreme high-end market pricing, so he is right from a “lack-of-popularity” view. His mere mentioning of this fact will make Dual-Core standard for all up and coming Tablet makers, who must now return to the drawing board and change their Tablet “engines” to Dual-Core.

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