How APC’s Mobile Power Pack save Millennials from Smartphone Death

The smartphone is indisputably one of the most indispensible aspects of both our personal and professional lives.

While tech giants such as Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei and HTC giants battle for marketshare, APC’s Mobile Power Pack is making sure that users don’t suffer in the meantime. The smartphone market, which was seen as a mere toy by some tech companies, has now grown by 10% in 2015. According to IDC in 2015:

  • 1.432 million devices distributed in Latin America
  • 1.301 million devices distributed in Latin America in 2014

The APC’s Mobile Power Pack basically a Battery charger similar to those described in How to extend your smartphone’s battery Life with a Portable Battery Charger.

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The battery charger, especially lightweight ones, are now in demand, especially as battery technology has yet to improve and more people are using power-intensive LBS (Location Based Services) baked into various apps that tap into GPS.

Also some Apps, like Facebook Messenger and Facebook put a strain on your battery by virtue of their intensive background updating as explained in How to stop Facebook and Messenger from draining your battery.

So who exactly is driving this demand for Battery chargers?

Millennials and Smartphones – APC’s Mobile Power Pack Battery Chargers to the rescue

Millennials, ages 18 to 28, who will represent some 75% of the labour force in 2025, are leading this rapid adoption:

  • 78% of millennials in Latin America have a mobile device
  • 45% admitting that they are unable to spend one day without their smartphones

The number of millennial that have a Smartphone is also 10% more than last year’s figures, indicating that they’re more popular than Rock stars. Smartphone are now more than making calls; features and applications such as WhatsApp as described in WhatsApp is the #1 Mobile Messaging App in the World, are driving demand for these devices.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) compete by adding features and making little tweaks to their produce in terms of:

  • Weight
  • Thinness
  • Screen size
  • Speed
  • Technology

Still, battery life is a huge concern, with 71% of consumers in a Global Statista survey globally stating that one best ways manufacturers can improve mobile devices is by increasing their battery life. After all, when your smartphone dies, it is as if your world ended, as you’re disconnected from those that you love to communicate with as some participants at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 show pointed out.

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APC’s Mobile Power Pack, made by APC, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, are a part of the solution. Albeit they’ve not developed a better smartphone battery, their product, which features state-of-the-art technology with lithium polymer batteries, packs two USB connections that allow for two devices to be simultaneously charging.

The LED status bar lets the user know the charge level and the on-off switch prevent unintended discharge when not in use. One day, the battery charger might draw its charge from Hydrogen Fuel cells, built in solar panels or even use Sound and kinetic energy to generate electricity, cutting the analog cord once and for all.

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