Angry Reactions to Youtube’s new Google+ Intergrated Commenting System

The Youtube community of content creators and users alike has been in collective uproar since Google decided to change the commenting system on Youtube and require all users wishing to leave a comment on the video sharing site to have a Google+ account.


There are major problems with the new change.
  • users must comment with their Google+account which more often than not is their real name,
  • comments and replies no longer go to your Youtube inbox they now get pushed to Google+ notifications
  • interacting to comments is now a tedious multi-step process,
  • spammers are having a field day plastering spam/virus/malicious links using the new comment system
These issues have caused many of the most popular Youtube Channels to disable commenting on their videos and many users have taken to social media to share their thoughts on how poor the new Youtube commenting system is.
In a sense I can understand what Google is trying to achieve with the new commenting system. They want to combat or fix some of the problems the previous commenting system had, they want index and track comments and link them to actual human beings while allowing channel owners and other users to see the major comments that actually matter. However, doing so at the cost of anonymity and forcing the use of Google+ down a user’s throat is not good even with the improvements that the new commenting system brings.
Will the uproar over the new system die down as it did when Google rolled out the “one channel” design? Will Youtube revert to the old commenting system or make adjustments to this new system? Do you have any suggestions on how Youtube commenting could be fixed? Share your thoughts via Twitter @Geezam or leave a comment below!
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