How to find the Android Model, Manufacturer and IMEI of your smartphone

A lot of times when you call Customer Care, you need help with phone’s Data settings.

This can be especially daunting of you have an Apple iPhone as I’d explained in How to put FLOW or Digicel Data Settings on an Apple iPhone.

Even worse, if you want to stop data being used on your smartphone by background data as explained in Stop Digicel and FLOW Apple iPhone and Android phones taking Data and Credit   you need to know the model of your smartphone.

So here is a quick step-by-step explained as to how to determine the model of your android smartphone.

How to determine your Android Model – Manufacturer and IMEI Bonus

Usually, the brand of your phone should appear on the face or back of your phone e.g. Huawei. The model is the name that designates which type of Huawei phone you have e.g. Huawei Y330, Y360, Y3 Lite, etc. if it is a number it is called the model number.

However, sometimes it may not be visible, requiring you to use the following procedure as show in the video.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap About phone
  3. Look at the “Model number” section to see your phone’s model number

Hint: You may need to Google the model number to learn the factory. Also you can see the Android versions there.

But what if the manufacturer of the phone isn’t all too clear? Or you want the IMEI? You can also determine that as well as follows:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Regulatory & Safety
  3. Look at the “Product Model”, “Manufacturer Name” and “IMEI

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