Android KitKat beats Jellybean in the Fragmented World of Android smartphones

Google on Wednesday August 13th 2014 has released their Android Developer Dashboard Stats and I’m personally excited by what’s happening here; people are slowly warming up to the chocolately chewy goodness of Google Android KitKat.

KitKat is now at 20.9% of the marketshare that represents devices that use Android, albeit technically this is mainly smartphones. All this excitement over data collected from Tuesday August 5th 2014 to Tuesday August 12th 2014, as the month isn’t over yet

Still it’s a developing Trend. These latest stats are as shown below and are an improvement on Android KitKat 13% showing in June 2014 and 17.9% in July 2014.


That’s another surprise; Gingerbread is still around at 13.6% and is a statistical outlier as it’s the third largest Android OS grouping instead of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Apparently many just didn’t fancy Ice Cream Sandwich update, possibly due to stability issues.For those of you in denial, fragmentation is alive and well as Google’s own Stats indicate. Many Android users are just still hung up on Android Jellybean which has a 26.5% for Jellybean 4.1.x and 19.8% for Jellybean 4.2.x. Too many persons holding on to older devices, as Froyo should have been extinct since 2010.

The updates for KitKat seem to be addressing early teething pains as the most recent version Kitkat 4.4, is resonating with the sweet tooth of many smartphones users. At this projected rate of climb, Android L will have to fight against this fast rising Chocolate coated predecessor, as on a path to eclipse Jellybean by September 2014.


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