Android Ice Cream Sandwich Event set for October 19

Ice Cream Sandwich is the code name for version 4.0 of the Android mobile operating system. After previewing Ice Cream Sandwich at the Google I/O conference in May Google is ready to reveal it to the world at an event set for October 19th in Hong Kong. The original event was set for October 11th but was postponed out of respect due to the passing of Steve Jobs.

Larry Page (Co-founder of Google) has said that over 190 million Android powered devices has been activated making in the most widely used mobile operating system in the world and with Version 4.0 expected to fix main of the issues complained about by users Android to extend it’s lead at the top of the mobile OS ladder especially with Windows Phone and Blackberry struggling and some users not convinced that the new features of the recently revealed iPhone 4S not worth the upgrade from an iPhone 4.

Post Author: Kelroy

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