Android App Review: Clean Master FREE

Merry New Year and all the best for it as well. I know I havent given you any good stuff in a while, so in my attempt to make up for lost time. I bring you an Android App Review.

Personally, I would consider myself an Android FANBOI as I love anything and everything android. I have owned a Galaxy Tab 1, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note 1 and now I am the proud owner of a Galaxy S4. With all these devices, the question ALWAYS comes up…. how can I  free up some memory so it performs faster? Because like a PC, if you continue to download apps, pictures and such, it will take up memory and degrade the overall performance of the device.

Clean Master FREE - 1

The App in the spotlight today is Clean Master Cleaner FREE (we all know free is good right, so lets see if this matches up)

Lets look at some of the highlights:


On our devices, cache (for those that don’t know, this is temporary storage that allows apps to launch faster) and residual files can build up and cause our phones/tabs to behave in a sluggish manner. The Junk Cleaner option puts a stop to that by scanning the device memory as well as SD Card storage and gives you an overview as to what is taking up space. Then from that screen, you can choose what files to delete and what files to save.

Clean Master FREE - 2


This function is invaluable in my opinion. The Android devices have a tendency to keep whatever app (Candy Crush anyone?) you were using, in main memory. So even if you exit the app, it is still loaded in RAM and wastes phone memory. The app has the function to close those background apps that consume battery life and occupy main memory. Hence, speeding up the performance of the device.

That’s just 2 of the features of this app. I should note that myself along with our fearless leader Kelroy Brown recommend this app to anyone that uses an android device as it is basically the CCleaner of mobile devices.

The download link is here


If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. If you liked this review, feel free to leave a comment. Until next time folks

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