Analyst IDC logs Wearables Profitable in Q1 2015 Fitness Tracker Business

“As with any young market, price erosion has been quite drastic. We now see over 40 percent of the devices priced under $100, and that’s one reason why the top five vendors have been able to grow their dominance from two-thirds of the market in the first quarter of last year to three-quarters this quarter”

Senior research analyst for IDC Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers Jitesh Ubrani, in a Press Release on Wearables sales in First Quarter of 2015

Wearables are on a roll, as they’ve experienced nothing but growth for the past eight (8) Quarters or two (2) years.

According to statistics from analyst IDC, Wearables, which includes everything from smartwatches to fitness trackers, have been on a roll in the First Quarter of 2015:

  • 11.4 million wearable devices shipped worldwide in
  • 3.8 million wearable devices shipped worldwide in 2014

That’s three times the First Quarter of 2014 and is mostly drive by the sales of Fitness Trackers:

  • 3.9 million shipments for Fitbit
  • 2.8 million shipments for the US$13 Mi Band fitness monitor from Xiaomi
  • 700,000 shipments for the Garmin Fitness Trackers
  • 600,000 shipments for the Samsung Gear line of Fitness Trackers
  • 500,000 shipments for the Jawbone line of Fitness Trackers


Folks, remind me next time I write an article about Wearables to also give a quick mention to Fitness trackers and not just smartwatches alone like the LG G Watch Urbane as described in LG G Watch Urbane at MWC 2015 with a View to Kill Apple Watch which is now struggling against the Apple Watch.

So far, I’ve only reviewed the Nike Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker in my article Caribbean rides the Fitness Craze as Nike Fuelband SE making Apple iPhone users healthier.

The Apple Watch, which has allegedly sold some 1 million units since launch according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, is getting a big push by Celebrities, trouncing all of the 720,000 Google Android Wear smartwatches sold in all of 2014 as acknowledged in my ditty Google updates Android Wear before the Apple Watch Deliveries on April 24th 2015.

On Tuesday June 2nd 2015, a report released from investment firm Global Equities Research suggested that Apple had bitten off more than it could chew. They’d apparently received orders for some 7 million Apple Watch but had only been able to ship some 2.5 million of those orders on since Friday 24th of April 2015.

So in the smartwatch category, the Apple Watch is the only success story, despite having poor battery life and some security issues, which Apple will undoubtedly fix by the next update.

Fitness Trackers, which accounted for the bulk of wearables sales in 2014, looks to do the same in 2015 as the sole success story outside of the Apple Watch. But if the words coming out of Google I/O 2015 are anything to go by, Google Android Wear looks set to level the playing field.

More compelling features that makes smartwatches more like their very successful Fitness Tracker counterparts as Americans, Jamaicans and the Caribbean get hooked on Fitness!

Here’s the link:

Statistics from IDC on Wearables Sales in First Quarter of 2015

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