Amazon Kindle Fire vs the Apple iPad – The Stats Wars worth Reading About

The Amazon Kindle Fire is certainty putting on the heat on the Apple iPad. So was my presumption in my two (2) prior articles. First I jumped the gun and declared the Amazon Kindle a worth opponent, a well baked ham sliced neatly in my article Amazon lights a Kindle Fire as a Gladiator worthy of the Apple iPad.

Since then I made a price analysis in the article Kindle Fire vs Nook Color and Apple iPad 2 – Despite the Specs the Price is Still Right and came out swinging in favour of the Amazon Kindle Fire despite the specs laden Apple iPad and its likewise worthy but otherwise half-baked opponent  the Barnes and Noble Nook Color.

To be fair, the Barnes and Noble Nook Color has put some pep in its step and has come out of its corner swinging with an offer as compelling as the Amazon Kindle Fire as per Kelroy’s article Barnes and Noble reveals the Nook Tablet.

It is well known that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has significantly discounted the Amazon Kindle Fire just so he could flaunt it as their flagship and most in-demand product for sell you everything from A to Z on this most handy of Portable Platforms.

Truly Amazon is living up to its motto of being EMC3 – Earth’s Most Customer Centric Company, where the customer is always right. Amazon is taking a hit to the tune of US$2.70 off the actual price to make per Amazon Kindle Fire which is US$201.70, according to the research done by analyst IHS ISuppli.

So at US$199, the price is indeed right, as Amazon has reportedly ramped up its shipment figures to six million (6,000,000) tablets to slake the demand for their product this coming Christmas of 2011AD, according to analyst DisplaySearch.

But the latest stats from analyst Parkes Associates suggest that the Amazon Kindle Fire has its support base firmly rooted in, with the following interesting interpolations:

  • 51% of the almost two thousand (2000) households surveyed favoring the Amazon Kindle Fire over the Apple iPad
  • 62% of shoppers are most likely to purchase the Apple iPad, compared to only 38% choosing the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The demographic difference between the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire crowd is also interesting:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire is mostly preferred by the upper echelons of the Generation X [ages 28 to 45] age
  • Apple iPad buyers are mainly affluent buyers with wads of cash burning a hole in their pockets (like duh-uh!!)

Analyst ChangeWave started the ball rolling, noting the almost meteoric rise to fame in the popularity of the Amazon Kindle Fire, with their stats, also noteworthy:

  • 62% of future shoppers plan to buy a Apple iPad
  • 22% of future shoppers plan to buy an Amazon Kindle Fire

Not even the Gaming-ready Asus EeeTransformer Prime now ready for Prime time since November 9th 2011 as chronicled in ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime specs, price and launch details even registers in the statistics of either analyst, making Christmas again look rather bleak for a specs laden geek centric Android Tablet offerings.

So Amazon, it appears has a verifiable hit on their hands, once these statistics analysts’ numbers are collated to paint a picture of the Earth’s Most Customer Centric Company on a roll.

Santa officially has competition, as Amazon that has married its stellar Online Retail Store experience with a Platform made for couch shopping and a little multimedia consumption on the side in a Stats War worth reading about.

More as the “battle” heats up!

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  • Olivia

    This will be an interesting holiday season for purchasing these. I know several individuals who love their Ipads, and I don’t know anyone personally that owns a Kindle or a Nook. Thank you for sharing this information.

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