Amazon to give birth to family of Android devices? is the biggest online retailer in the world selling everything from office supplies to socks. They started selling books but branched off into almost anything consumers would want. Their e-reader “Kindle” was introduced in late 2007 and now into it’s third generation has been a resounding success. Amazon raised a few eyebrows recently when out of the blue it announced and quickly launched an app store for Android and since then the rumour mill has been pointing to Amazon launching an android powered product.

Tablet? Phone? Kindle?

Some say it will be an android powered kindle, some say it will be a standalone android tablet, some say it will be an android powered phone but others say it will be an entire FAMILY of android devices – intriguing indeed.

This rumor will not be a rumor for much longer as Amazon has been employing a crap-load of mobile developers and engineers, tie that in with their experience with cloud storage, music service, app-store, hardware experience gained from the kindle and significant branding, distribution and marketing muscle and you can understand why I am excited.


Android and me | PC Magazine | MSNBC | USA Today

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