5 Alternative Web Browser Choices

Your internet browser is one of the most important and most used pieces of software that you install on your computer whether it is a Windows, Mac or Linux powered system. Privacy and security, standards compliance and features such as feed aggregation and plug-in support are some important facets that capable web browsers should posses.

Internet Explorer is currently the most used web browser with over 60% of market share

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera are the more well known web browsers but what other options do web surfers have and what are the benefits?

  • Avant – a browser that aims to improve on the features, look and feel of Internet Explorer although it is powered by the same engine as Internet Explorer is. A very snappy browser with the ability to sync settings between different computers, i also features support for RSS feeds and pop-up blocking.
  • Flock – do you use a plethora of social networking and web 2.0 services? Big on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr etc? Flock is the browser for you as it has access to those services built directly into the browser. Flock is powered by Mozilla’s Gecko rendering engine.
  • Sleipnir – a largely unknown web browser that is big in it’s native Japan where it is reported to have 5-6% of market share there. Sleipnir’s most unique feature is it’s ability to switch between different rendering engines on the fly. With the click of a button users can switch between Microsoft’s Trident and Mozilla’s Gecko.
  • Green Browser – a browser with a tiny installation file and an extremely small memory footprint, Green browser’s specialty is multitasking and speed. It runs on Microsoft’s Trident Engine and featured include auto refreshing,  advertisement filtering and plug-in support.
  • K-Meleon – Another Gecko powered browser but this one has a twist. K-Meleon uses the Gecko engine to render pages, but the Windows API to create the user interface which results is a layout very similar to Windows and with the  added benefit of being less resource-intensive and more responsive to user input.
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